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Afghan warlord(Dostum) returns to fight for besieged home

Hakikat ve Hikmet

Nov 14, 2015
United States
United States
Turkey does not want any physical presence in Afghanistan but it wants its influence in someway. Turkey does not want to be left out. Russia is against Turkish presence or influence in Afghanistan.
If India, USA etc. want to have influence why Turkey wouldn’t?!?! No matter how much the Taliban win the Paks want there’ll be a considerable number of folks against them! They better not to be wholly left to India! I am pretty sure the Pak General Staffs know it too well; hence, they’re also against the unilateral Taliban takeover for it’s a recipe for the perpetual civil war….
Turkey should notmess in every isue other wise it will outgunned by taliban greece and rebel forces from syria

Dont build enemies every where for smaler good talibans will not hurt u unless u poke ur nose there
LOL!! Even the entire EU and NATO couldn’t outgun Turkey…..

As for the Taliban, let’s not forget it’s the creation of the Pak General Staffs! They might not want it to be a Frankenstein in future….

I believe none in PDF knows how to play in Afganistan more than the Pak General Staffs embodied by the generals like Akhtar Abdul Rehman, Hamid Gul etc…..
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