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Afghan Taliban release new pictures


Jul 30, 2014
United States
no matter how much they glorify they are terrorists and will remain terrorists . they want to capture and rule the country with gun power .
Khan saab living in the current world which is run by gangsters one have to use Gun power or else you are fighting with one hand tied behind your back....
If big gangsters use gun power then it's OK
May it be Iraq Libya Syria Palestinian Kashmir
If we Muslims don't show our guns now it will be all over.... don't fall into the propaganda designed by the gangsters in suits and ties .. .
When Israelis kill and take over Palestinian land what you think they are using?
Verses from Torah ONLY?
No sir they bring their guns along with Torah
What you think these Christians are doing? Ask them and they will say the word "Crusade" which is not a liberal term anyways....
RSS and Modi in India today is fighting in the name of Hinduvta which is what?
Are they any of these guys using just the word or the guns along with it.
Gun power is nessasary evil in today's world to fight against Fitna.....
Keep your pen close but keep your gun/sword closer if you live and die with your word
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