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Afghan Models/Singers/Actresses


Feb 13, 2010
Today, when I logged in here, it said "8 Thanks Received" and I was thinking I hardly posted anything yesterday. Who is thanking me. Then I realized that someone digged this 2 year old thread :P

^^ ahahhah ALLL AFGHAN girls are BEYOND B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L thnk god!! and everybody knows that forsure.. BUT damn PAKISTANI's EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW you can hardly find an OK type of girl! THEY sooo ugly as Fuk. yuck thier skin damn.... it looks like somebody shtted on thier faces ALhamdulillah im so HAPPPY im an afghan and not PAKISTANI. no body even likes them in U.S., U.K. and in India Evry body hates them they some loners i feel like puking when i see ****'s. Hell to the i will EVER like ***** ufff dum fuks and thier Thiefs and liers! for sure! THEIER ALL UGLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

Source: http://www.defence.pk/forums/genera...models-singers-actresses-6.html#ixzz21xoUYQQp
I can smell some jealousy ;) All those Afghan girlz r from the 2 major ethnicities of Afghanistan - Pashtuns and Tajiks. There are over 32 million Pashtuns and over 1 Million Tajiks in Pakistan. So, if u r saying that ALL Pakistanis r ugly, that is a tall claim to make bcoz that include all those Pashtuns and Tajiks too and in a way u r making fun of Afghans too. Now please don't say that Pashtuns and Tajiks of Pakistan are Afghans, bcoz they r not. Here is a nice group for you Afghans, who think Pashtuns of Pakistan r Afghans (posted by Pukhtoon before).

I am a Pakistani Pakhtoon and thank u I dont want loy Afghanistan
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You guyz r insulted 24/7 by the Pashtuns of Pakistan. It was my fav group on FB for the last few months, I used to post there with "Aryana" id. ;)


Nov 1, 2010
United Kingdom
Most of Afghan girls, models are now working in Pakistani Film and Drama Industry.

Afghans girls are also being brought into Pakistan for Fashion industry as well.

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