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Addverb Technologies inaugurates Robots manufacturing facility 'Bot-Valley' in Noida


Feb 8, 2021
Addverb Technologies, one of India’s biggest Automation and Robotics companies, has launched its Rs 75 crore manufacturing facility in Noida. The company said that the facility has a capacity to manufacture more than 50,000 robots of varied types in a year, and is equipped with best-in-class electronics and mechanical machines.

"We have entered a nascent paradigm shift (industry 4.0) where technology will help Addverb meet the growing needs and demand of the present business ecosystem. Robotics holds huge potential in streamlining the processes across industries right from retail to healthcare and from warehousing to supply chain," said Amitabh Kant, CEO, NITI Aayog, who inaugurated the Addverb facility.

Spread over 2.5 acres of land, this new manufacturing unit is equipped with the best-in-class electronics and mechanical machines and has a capacity to manufacture more than 50,000 Robots of varied types in a year. This one-in-a-kind manufacturing hub will employ 450 workforce and provide equality and empowerment to both men and women.

Even with increased demand for automation, the penetration of robotics, especially in the small and medium enterprises, is still low in India compared to the global average.

"With the establishment of this world-class facility, we will be able to project India as a R&D epicentre of the world and share knowledge and encourage Indian manufacturers to embrace our game changing technologies and become best-in-class manufacturers for local and global markets," said Sangeet Kumar, Founder & CEO, Addverb Technologies.

Established in 2016 and mentored by Jalaj Dani, Addverb Technologies have streamlined the process for many retail giants of the country through its innovative products and solutions.

It has established a global footprint by acquiring customers in Europe, South-East Asia and Australia, and established 100 per cent subsidiary companies in Singapore, Australia and The Netherlands

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