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"Absolutely Not" , simple Answer to Militarization request by USA


Sep 8, 2009
"Absolutely Not"
Simple Answer to Militarization request by USA TV Anchor, of course it is well understood that behind the scene USA has requested for Military basis for Military / Covert Operations (Most of them are illegal and against international Norms).

The Answer has been fairly Diplomatic and based on consensus , opinion in Pakistan and Pakistan's Parliament, that Military bases for a Foreign Nation do not make sense , specially since USA does not allows any Pakistani Military bases on on it's own Soil , since there is no Treaty for such actions therefore their was no possibility for any Entertainment of any such audacious request

Pakistan has a focus on peaceful co-existence in the Asian Continent develop friendly ties with regional nations , including regions power houses like China , Central Asia or Russia, In same manner of respect and understand there exist with European nations , UK or even to USA to some degree.

The modern Pakistani , Educated , uneducated , resident or Oversea Pakistan we all have same opinion that Pakistan has to focus on important issue at home , i.e. Education , Poverty , Environment and necessary support for Poor population. We can't get dragged into a Political Chess Game

The International Game play of Blocs creation , that there are some mysterious Country based blocs that mindset does not works in modern world. Most people are well educated to examine countries like Russia or China are a helpful member of international community. So unnecessarily creating a ring of Military bases does not makes any sense

Pakistan-USA ties will have to remain only active for Civilian , people to people relations. We have to focus on enhancement of such ties. Collaboration in Education , Medical Science Discussion about Farming and Improvements is welcomed. Also discussion about trade and best usage of science for many business needs is great. There is ample room for USA companies to come to Pakistan and have a health presence.

However Request for need for a Military base is a bit unwelcomed gesture and frankly a bit rude since no sovereign nation , allows a foreign nation to open a Military base in their country premises

Check List

  • Allow USA movies in Cinema , sure why not !
  • Trade and Cooperation , sure
  • Education Exchange , University partnership ideas
  • Import/Export discussions trade
  • Allow US companies like GM, FORD, CHEVY to open distribution in Pakistan , why Not?
  • Discussion about Recycling and Desalination - Sure

Absolutely Not:
  • Military bases (for foreign Nation On Pakistani Soil)
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Feb 1, 2009
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I thought the interview was meant to air today? i don't see it on axios hbo?

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