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Abid Sher Ali Barking Obscenities in a London Restaurant

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Oct 8, 2016
PML n supporters should wait few years and they will have more chances to abuse PTI leaders abroad because the PTI Ministers are breaking all records of corruption, it will be nice for people's of Pakistan that one hound fights other , as Allah subhana tallla said in Quran , o humans I arrange the removal of evil and wrongly people's among you I either give power to right one to eliminate the wrong one and arrogant or I make make evil one to fight with evil one and thus both are terminated . Its evil against evil may Allah subhana tallla destroy them both , As nation we should ourself seek Allah's forgiveness because it is due to our own sins that we have such rulers and politicians to rule us , salay sab k sab harmi , politicians, Judges our inko salute krny walay,

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