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"Aaj ki Sakhti-Kal hu gi Susti" wud we expect "GOOD GOVERNANCE" Ever In Pakistan???

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    Hmmm....... there is a news titled "In the name of the prime minister, grab at gunpoint"
    showing our "Present & obvious Future"! which is not a new issue of our rutine social structure.

    Ultimately, man-eaters opportunists (as usual) are keen /seek to grab maximum opportunities as early as possible, by using best of their ruling authorities, administrative powers and & public relations to enjoy benefits as much as possible within shortest time (as they may replaced by their Parties leader or disperse by other powerful Man-eaters jackals) with the coordination of “MAFIAS” opportunists of different fields.

    Now it's became an industry itself and now the ruling faces will resume ahead from where they left in their previous tenure.........10% make efforts to be 100%, the money collected by poor nation under "Qurz Utaro-Mulk Sawanro" may be invested abroad and now our Cruelest corrupt selfish group of politician may announce new scheme for collecting money in lieu reduce inflation & poverty, and similarly other try to multiply their assets as fast as possible....... Yeh koye Bhi Nara dey saktey hein like
    "Mulk ki Baqa-humari Baqa" ....... ya.....
    "Roshan Pakistan" ......ya .....
    "Aaj Ki Qurbani -kal ki hukumrani- be asian tiger" ......... :taz:
    as now a days there is a common trend of Suicieds with children and selling of children among peoples of Islamic democratic Pakistan" so our selected/elected politicians can announce new slogan for donation like:
    "Bokey merjana hey-Mulk ko bachana hey" so as becharey apney cloths bhi donate ker key Suiciede karein! :flame::taz: .................Ya...............

    "Aaj Ki Sakh ti-Kal hu gi susti" This could be more appropriate slogan for politicians ............ keh when som eone ask that you told "Kal hu gi Susti" then where is it proved we still facing even more then previous in worst situation, then they can reply if they want that, we havn't promise to reduce cost & wel beings.......... we already have told you that "Sakhti hu go susti", so it is.......going on , its you stupid-who misunderstand it.

    In fact there is no change and as far as Reconciliations concern, there is a key approach behind it in broad spectrums for personal benefits & securities rather Pakistan and its nations:

    Musharraf’s Government introduced NRO for “malevolent” engaged in serious criminal offenses (Economy Jeopardizers, Corrupt Nation’s finance-eaters, Manipulators of Constitutions, Conspirers and Men-eaters etc all are serious criminal offenses).
    Zardari (PPPP) chanting for reconciliation to all particularly share fruits of powers (malpractices):
    So that no one should left behind to keep sharp eye or critisize on them, they can do what everthey want......... as far as reforms and development concern......... it will be showing as previously but we can understand that, when our elites authorities hunger for their own commission on every project .........so any kid can assume the soundness of development ....it would be like KESC, WAPDA and other developing works ......... KESC performance loop we are facing..........and the fallen of new bridge at shershah is not old incident........... Peoples may face and lose their lives in result of this developments............ as there is a big questmark ??? on quality of work after disbursment of heavy commissions. But yes One thing is so cheap yet............. Human lives........but may be these meneaters impose commission on suiedes which are now common !!!!


    In the name of the prime minister, grab at gunpoint
    ISLAMABAD: A retired army Major who spent a couple of years with prisoner Yousuf Raza Gilani in the Adiala Jail Rawalpindi, is being accused of forcibly grabbing 150 kanals of residential farmland worth millions in Islamabad suburbs, with the help of privately hired gunmen.

    The jail mate of the current prime minister has been accused of misusing the name of Gilani and an inquiry into the scam was ordered by SSP Islamabad Kaleem Imam to determine the facts.

    But the mystery about the alleged links of Major Ashraf with PM Gilani deepened when SSP Kaleem Imam, who enjoyed a good reputation of not yielding to any official or private pressure, was removed from his post the very next day and appointed as the chief security officer of Gilani.

    This transfer had further established the influence of the retired Major on the Islamabad police. The post of SSP Islamabad is lying vacant since the dramatic transfer of Kaleem Imam two weeks back.

    The aggrieved parties say Major Ashraf now enjoys more clout and influence over the Islamabad police administration, after citing his friendship with Gilani. Even Kaleem Imam does not know till date why was he shifted from the post of SSP.†

    Major Ashraf who is now at the centre of this new multi million rupees land grabbing scam told The News: "Yes, this is a fact that I have been staying in jail with Yousuf Raza Gilani in the Adiala jail. But, this is untrue that I have misused Gilani's name, as we have some legal controversy about the land in question with the other party. I am not using PM Gilani's name to grab the lands".†

    He also rejected a long list of serious charges levelled against him in the application sent to his friend prime minister. But, he did not explain why in the case of a legal dispute with any party he used 40 gunmen to grab the land instead of seeking the help of law-enforcement agencies.

    Talking to The News, Shabbir Anwar, press secretary to PM Gilani, said he had no knowledge of any such application about the involvement of any friend or jail mate of the PM in a land grabbing case.

    Anwar said there is a grievances cell in the PM secretariat, which deals with such matters and the officials concerned do put only those applications before the PM for his consideration which they think are of important nature. "I will check whether any such application has been submitted," Anwar said without commenting on the nature of allegations listed in the application.

    This correspondent tried many times to contact SHO Barakahu Khalid Mahmood Awan, but he did not receive the call despite several attempts. As SSP Islamabadís post was lying vacant, no other police official concerned was ready to comment on the issue.

    Major Ashraf had occupied the same 150 kanals of land in 2005, but had to vacate it after the then SSP Islamabad, after verifying the land record, forced him to hand over the land to the actual heirs.

    But within ten days of oath of PM Gilani, the first thing Major Ashraf did was to send his armed men, recruited from the tribal areas, to reoccupy the land on April 5, allegedly using the name of his jail mate Yousuf Raza Gilani.

    Unlike 2005, with the changed times, Islamabad police are fully cooperating with Major Ashraf in a bid to save their own jobs.† Major Ashraf who has been nominated in FIR No 87, dated April 6, 2008 was not touched by Barakahu police nor was any action taken against the armed men sitting on the land. The FIR against Major Ashraf has been virtually sealed by SHO Barakahu.

    It is being alleged that the Islamabad police administration is now directly working under the supervision of Major Ashraf as far as Barakahu area was concerned after he created the impression that he was a friend of PM Gilani.

    The ex-SSP Islamabad, Kaleem Imam, was informed about the shocking misuse of the name of the prime minister who had immediately ordered an inquiry into the land scam. He had asked SHO Barakahu Khalid Mahmood Awan to make a committee of four to five reputable people of the area to decide the issue purely on merit. But, the very next day, Kaleem was removed from his post.

    Talking to The News, complainants Omar and Rizwan, who happen to be brothers, confirmed that they had sent a written application along with the relevant documents to PM Gilani informing him how their land was grabbed by misusing his name by one of his former jail mates.

    Omar and Rizwan said they were sure that PM Gilani may have no idea that his name was being misused. They had to approach the PM after police administration started dancing to the tune of Major Ashraf. They said they had won the legal battles from the courts about the possession of the land but now were made to lose their occupation at gunpoint in the name of PM of Pakistan.