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A Sri Lankan national lynched in Sialkot by mob of terrorists for blasphemy

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Sep 10, 2020
What the hell is cba ? And you are the real murtad who not only does not know the context of Quranic verses but also places the hadees works above the Quran.
I never put Hadith works above the Quran.
Weren’t you the one who wanted to change the Quran? Who pdf seen your rants on how Islam needs to be “reformed”. So it’s obvious who’s the real murtad.

Joe Shearer

Apr 19, 2009
Then why reply to something which you have nothing to do with nor any knowledge why I said it and further more call me a “green bhakt” 😂😂
What was wrong with calling you a green bhakt? The originals are fanatics who will not listen to reason, saying that they are obeying a mandate of God that cannot be disputed by humans. What is the position that you have taken?
As you said your self you have no capacity to judge and should have minded your own business because you definitely don’t know why I said that neither did it concern you I’m any way.
It was your own words, your own position. Whether you were right in saying that or not, is what I stated I have no capacity to judge. There is no need for anyone to judge anything else, after you have described your position in your own words.

Your position is of concern to anybody threatened by religious fanatics who refuse to be governed by the rule of law.
I respect that professional title of yours and don’t give you a same reply as I would give others who would call me a “green bhakt”. Hopefully you respect your own professional title and speak about things that concern you or what you do only. Someone who’s my grandpas age should be acting more mature then this.
Is it your case that even a direct threat to my environment is no concern of mine?
Don’t think I don’t know how you report my replies to you. If you want a serious debate we can take this somewhere else and you’ll see how brain dead your logic is.
And I’ve already refuted your brain dead logic many times. Scroll through some threads where you quoted me see how many times I’ve proved your brain dead logic wrong. And I cba arguing with a murtad who wanted to change the Quran.

As Ali R.A. said:
“The moment you start arguing with an ignorant fool, you have already lost”

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