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A Few Jokes on Bongs ( Bengalis ) .... Environment Lightening ;)

Discussion in 'Members Club' started by Urbanized Greyhound, Sep 24, 2013.

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    After all the Sardar jokes - Now it's the turn of the 'Bongs'!!!!

    What do you call: A mad Bengali? ---- In Sen.

    A dark Bengali who lives in a cave? ---- Kalidas Guha.

    A Bengali mobster? -----Rob-in Gang-uli.

    A perfumed Bengali? ----Chandan Dass

    A Bengali goldsmith? ---- Shonar Bong-la.

    What's bigger than the state of Bengal ? --- The Bay of Bengal .

    An angry Bengali letter?--- Chitti-Chitti Bong Bong.

    A talkative Bengali?---Bulbul Chatterjee.

    An outlawed Bengali? --- Kanoon Banerjee or Bonduk Bannerjee.

    An enlightened Bengali? ---- Jyoti Basu.

    A stupid Bengali girl? --- Balika Buddhu.

    A Bengali marriage? --- Bedding.

    What do you call a Bengali who takes bribe? --- Mr. Ghoosh.

    What does a ghati call a burping Bong? ---- Mukhopadhaya.

    How does the Bong learn the alphabet?--- -A for Orange , B for Begetable... .

    How does a Bong relax in the evening? ---- He goes to the Howrah Breej to get some Breej.

    What does a Bong with a broken heart say?--- "My hurt is hearting"

    And finally,

    What do you call a Bengali who works? ---- A work of fiction

    Enjoy :D :D :D