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A beautiful Chinese-Korean story

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    Statues of Chinese, Korean girls to be erected in Seoul to mark comfort women in WWII - People's Daily Online

    Statues of Chinese, Korean girls to be erected in Seoul tomark comfort women in WWII

    By Huang Jin (People's Daily Online) 08:33, October 28, 2015
    The Korean girl statue (right), Chinese girl statue (left) and their creators: Pan Yiqun, Shi Yong, Kim Suk Jeong and Kim Un Seng.
    Two bronze statues of girls — one representing a South Korean and the other a Chinese —have been made in a studio in Gyeonggi, South Korea on Oct. 25.

    Both girls wear the traditional clothing of their country. They look around 14 – about thesame age as many comfort women when they were forced into military brothels run byJapan's imperial army.

    According to Yonhap, the life-size statues will be placed in downtown Seoul in a park nearthe Seoul National University on Oct. 28.

    The Korean girl statue was made by a Korean couple - artist Kim Un Seng and Kim SukJeong . The Chinese one is made by professor Pan Yiqun of China's Tsinghua Universityand filmmaker Shi Yong.

    Last autumn, when Shi Yong saw the girl statue standing in front the Japanese Embassy inKorea, he was so moved. "I was touched by the way how the Korean artists reflect thebrutal history," he said. When he came back to China, he talked to his friend Pan. Theywent back to Korea and persuaded Kim Un Seng and Kim Suk Jeong to make a statue of aKorean girl and a Chinese girl with them. The idea was accepted. After finishing the works,they decided to place them in Korea.