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648 LMP-2017 light infantry mortars already delivered to Polish Territorial Defense Forces


Apr 28, 2011
As of October 22, Zakłady Mechaniczne "Tarnów" S.A. completed the delivery of this year's volume of LMP-2017 light infantry mortars to the Polish Territorial Defense Forces (TDF). The last batch of LMP-2017, i.e. 71 out of 294 planned for this year, went to the material warehouse in Regna on Friday, October 22. The delivery was made before the required date, specified in the schedule included in the Agreement. It is also worth adding that in 2019 we have already delivered 150 pieces of this product, and in 2020 - 204 pieces. The delivery of 132 units is planned for 2022, and it will be the last batch provided for in the Agreement.
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60 mm LMP-2017 light infantry mortars (Picture source: Zakłady Mechaniczne "Tarnów")

Zakłady Mechaniczne "Tarnów" S.A. is the contractor of the contract signed on December 12, 2018, regarding the acquisition of 780 60 mm LMP-2017 light infantry mortars for the needs of the Territorial Defense Forces (TDF) and the Land Forces in 2019-2022. The contract also includes the training of instructors, gunsmiths, as well as e-learning and logistics packages. The purchased mortars are to hit, among others to equip each light infantry company of the Territorial Defense Forces.

The LMP-2017 light infantry mortar is used to destroy manpower, light field fortifications as well as firearms and military technology with semi-indirect fire (the target visible from the fire position) in optical visibility at any time of the day and in all weather conditions. The plant offers LMP-2017 in two calibers: 59.4 mm and NATO 60.7 mm. Initially, the Polish Army was to use the NATO caliber, but finally the caliber 59.4 mm was chosen. For ZMT, changing the caliber was not a problem. Already at the product design stage, such expectations were anticipated, and the barrel was also designed in the 60.7 mm caliber. Only the barrel and the scale of the sight scale need to be replaced. It is an activity that can be performed by a basic technical workshop of a military unit.

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