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    48 hours have many a times played significance in our national history. For example recently a US newspaper after Mumbai attacks reported that India and US have given 48 hours to Pakistan to arrest and had over the alleged accused. Pakistani spokesman however contradicted this news item.

    2. General Musharraf’s favorite State Bank Governor in the backdrop of increasing criticism may it be for concealing real economical facts or abrupt pollution of forex scandal now a days often appears on TV telling the nation that how innocent she and her Bank was. General Musharraf’s imported finance minister was declared the best finance minister of the year merely by a financial magazine published under some ex-world bank officials. The strategy as some people wrote about this magazine is declaring hundreds Best in different fields thus creating easy inroads in those offices under these Best declared people for entering into those powers for more easy business deals. How much this best finance minister in the world of the year cost this nation, we all know. Now our SBP Governor similarly has recently been declared the best Bank Governor. ALLAH may save us from some coming calamity.

    3. SBP particularly after 1975 mostly cared more for the businessmen and the so called foreign investors but never the common man or the real domestic savers. It always remained silent spectator may it be banks madly writing of loans, finance companies pick pocketing the citizens or outflow of dollars and woke up only when sure that much had flown under the bridges. For example both SBP and SEP introduced a Rule which to my information such a non sense rule only existed in Pakistan. It was drafted as usual with vested interest. It was really a very stupid rule re Overseas Pakistanis shareholders. I took up the matter with the Federal Ombudsman. Those were the good times and we had yet not entered into enlightened moderation or earned much talked 12 billion reserves. SECP agreed with the Federal Ombudsman to amend the Rule. An amendment draft was sent to me by SECP drafting of which in fact tactfully was so that the vested interest remains there. I corrected the draft for SEP. Whenever once a year or so I enquired about progress SECP always told me the matter was under progress. After about 6-8 years when I pressed to know the final status the response was “the businessmen do not agree to the amendment”. It is to be seen if a few dozen businessmen do not agree matters or to see thousands and thousands Overseas Pakistanis and a sense to prevail? The time had by then changed, we then stood in the list of top honoured nations hence wisely having no hope from any Ombudsman, any Minister or any President I forgot the whole issue.

    4. Two months back aftermath of growing criticism, the SBP Governor one fine morning held a live press conference telling how SBP had woke up now to see the problems of business and the investors and for this purpose a 24-Help-Desk was established in the SBP where any issue against banks can be raised.

    5. The Governor actually fooled all of us as if it was her very new bright innovative idea of creating a Help Desk. The fact is On Line Help Desk since long existed in SBP though practically dead for all intents and purposes. This SBP Help Desk and Customer Complaint Cell are merely a 48-hour vicious circle only. However after this press conference the Governor established an online link of her so called newly introduced Help Desk on web sites of commercial banks.

    6. As we the commoners have always high hopes from ALLAH the Great and with every new promise, despite knowing well its emptiness, attach a new hope, through this newly life given Help Desk on 05 November 2008 I filed two separate complaints against two separate against National Bank of Pakistan on non receipt of six monthly statements against my Account No. 29975-3 with its Main Branch Karachi and against my father's Account No. 70-5422-7 with its Sakhi Hassan Branch Karachi. As in the past the Help Desk through an automated respond told me “someone from SBP will contact me within 48 hours”. Since then more than 7-8 I have repeated the same process each time to get same vicious circle auto response “48 hours SBP will contact”. In addition similar number of emails I have sent to the SBP at its publicized email contact info@sbp.org.pk including to NBP Head Office at their publicized contacts enquiries@nationalbank.com.pk and feedback@nationalbank.com.pk. Today is 13 December 2008 and 19 such 48-hours have passed with not a single response or contact to me either from State Bank or from National Bank. Even twice this was also intimated to the SBP Governor Office too. Everyone, every where at every level is just fooling we the commoners and we continue and will in fact always be prey and fell to this tendency. S.M. Zafar rightly once stated no system presidential or any ism will ever deliver unless people themselves recognized their own rights.