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4 Pakistani Americans win $1 million Hult Prize

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    4 Pakistani Americans win $1 million Hult Prize

    By News DeskJune 1, 2018


    ISLAMABAD, Jun 1 (TNS): Four Pakistani American students from Rutgers University in New Jersey won the prestigious Hult Prize award, securing 1 million dollars in startup capital for their business, Roshni Rides.

    Gia Farooqi, Hanaa Lakhani, Hasan Usmani, and Moneeb Mian were presented the award by former US president Bill Clinton after winning the world’s largest such competition among students.

    Roshni Rides is an e-rickshaw service that seeks to provide a transportation solution for refugees living in informal settlements around the world.

    The Hult Prize Foundation focuses on innovative ideas to tackle social challenges in the world, and students from around the world compete for the prestigious award.

    In a post on Roshni Rides’ Facebook page, the winning team expressed their gratitude and thanked their friends and family for their support.