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30 Militants killed in Air Strike in South Waziristan


Jan 20, 2010
At least 30 militants have been killed in Pakistani air strike near the Afghan border, the military says.

It says a militant "hideout" was hit in the Shawal mountains of South Waziristan, following a tip-off.

The army launched an offensive in South Waziristan last October to root out militants blamed for bombings.

The offensive was closely monitored by Pakistan's Nato allies in Afghanistan, who say the area is a haven for al-Qaeda and Taliban fighters.

Pakistan's government said the operation had been completed in December, but fighting in the area has continued.

"The hideout in Shawal was targeted after we were tipped off that terrorists were hiding in the mountains," said a military spokesman.

The strike came 10 days after Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, the Taliban's top Afghan military commander, was captured in Karachi.

BBC News - Pakistan air strike 'kills 30' in South Waziristan


Mar 24, 2006
Capturing these hills will be a tough job. It may lead to some degree of Jungle warfare as the area is somewhat forested. There will probably be a few more strikes in this area before the ground troops move in. Civilian casualties would remain close to zero because the area is not populated.

The tribes around the foothills of the valley have long been suspected to have given sanctuary to Al Qaeda fighters that escaped from Tora Bora.

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