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27 Feb 19: PAF shot down two Indian aircrafts inside Pakistani airspace: DG ISPR

Oct 20, 2017
United States
United States
The death of an infantry soldier might be able to be hidden, but the loss of fighter jets, especially given the limited number the PAF has, are not going to stay hidden for long, especially in this age of smartphones everywhere.
I agree. I will also copy paste my own comment :

Obviously these are all just guesses right now. And obviously I hope some solid proof will come out.
As far as face saving, I dont know whether even the wreckage of the F16 on CNN and BBC will be enough for Modi to save his face.
Which is why I think many of these people cheering are not seeing the possiblity of widening conflict.


Apr 17, 2008
I hope he is not this guy, because if yes then he suffered a terrible fate, and nothing the folk at CMH could salvage.

Or they just dont want to acknowledge his capture because anyway indians said only one was missing thus giving them a chance to keep him as a gust for a very long time.
Which language are they talking in the video ?


Nov 1, 2010
United Kingdom
Shooting Indian Figther Jets: The Story of Pakistan Airforce Retaliation: Real Surgical Strike on India

Date : 27/Feb/2019

Pakistan Airforce Force jets Intruded into Indian air space and locked on to 6 Indian army buildings but missed the target and let the bombs drop near the targets. This was done as planned.

As India jets took off and came close , all but one PAF jet came back to Pakistani air space.

The single jet remained inside India and lured Indian jets closer.

As Indian jets came close the last remaining Pakistani jet also crossed into Pakistani territory, gained altitude and speed and sped off.

On Pakistani side a few Thunders were waiting as planned and as soon as Indian jets crossed into Pakistan, they were shot and destroyed.

At least one fell inside Pakistani territory and another fell inside Indian occupied Kashmir.

Every move was meticulously planned. All this planning within a few hours of the so called Indian Surgical strike.

They destroyed our trees in 4 locations. We did the same in 6 of theirs.

We did even better and shot down their jets and at least one Indian pilot is now in Pakistani custody. In all India lost two advanced Fighter jets and Three pilots.

This is called real "Surgical Strike" with the precision of a surgeon. The revenge is taken sweetly.

Remember wars are won and lost by a "Nation" not just the army..PAF did what the Pakistan nation wanted it to do.

As long as we are together in this we will prevail InshaAllah.

Who was the Pilot who lured Indian Pilots into Pakistan? He is the real braveheart hero!!!

What a victory: PAF did what Pakistani Awam wanted it to do: Pakistan Zindabad - Revenge is Sweet :)

We should be humble with our victories - what Allah(swt) has given us, and thank him for his blessings and pain!

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Aug 25, 2015
It's reported that Wing Commander Faheem, flying JF-17 serial No-102 was the other pilot who shot down the SU-30.
There is still a lot of ambiguity surrounding the downing of the second aircraft...some say it was a Mig some claim it to be a Mirage and the third version states it to be a Su 30


Mar 14, 2009
Died, we don't want Modi to put in position where some crazy sitting in tv studio pressurize him for another adventure to take revenge.

LoL that was a good one

@VCheng How are the popcorns coming? Watch the intake lest more calories are gained in a quick span of time.

Establish a Supply Chain ... we may just need it.

Anyways on point

@CriticalThought 01 x Mig 21 Shot down as it chased your AC across LC. A2A claimed him along with a nice cover of fire from SAMs launched by PA. Overall, a good 'trap' if that was the intent.

The wreckage you see of the second is a Mi-17 lost to technical fault overflying Budgam. Nothing to do with any Su-30 other than in own imaginations.


Having fun as usual?

As for F-16, 01 x F-16 confirmed 'kill' ..... through multiple cross checks (still taking it). I have tried to keep it as confirmed as I can (although still allowing for the bragging which comes in such incidents). Shot by Mig-21 Bison.

Used both service and civil sources on ground .....

That may be the Officer at CMH .... @Sugarcane

Hope he is fine and not dead.

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