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26 notorious mafia bosses arrested in Punjab

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    26 notorious mafia bosses arrested in Punjab

    Sunday, June 29, 2008

    By MAK Lodhi

    LAHORE: As a first major step to curb crime in Lahore and adjoining areas, the Punjab Police have arrested 26 desperate and dangerous gangsters and mafia bosses, whom no law enforcement agency could dare touch during the rule of the previous government.

    The police detained 11 of them for 45 days on the orders of the Punjab Home Department under the Maintenance of Public Order Ordinance, 1960, Section 3 (MPO-3).

    Another 15 criminals, who had long been on the hit-list of the CIA for being involved in heinous crimes, have also been arrested. They were involved in underground activities like drug trade, illegal occupation of properties, protecting criminals, etc, said police officials directly involved in cleansing the underworld dens of Lahore.

    The persons arrested under the MPO-3 include Hamayun, grandson of Shahia, Tibbi City, Dera Shahia, Jamil Asghar Bhatti and Ghulam Shabbir Bhatti, brothers of Abdul Rashid Bhatti, ex-MPA, PML-Q, Babar Sohail Butt of Lakhodaer, Lahore Cantt, Iftikhar Gujjar (ex-police inspector), Green Town (Baaghrian), Shahid Chaudhry (advocate) of Shaam Nagar, Chauburji, Umer Javaid alias Bodi, Old Anarkali, Shahanshah, son of Shah Muhammad, Karim Park, Ravi Road, and Muhammad Munsha Ghuman, Lahore Cantt.

    Police officials are tight-lipped about the details of the rest of the arrested persons so as to be able to bust their entire rings. Information from the kingpins is further helping the police raid and comb various areas to arrest more persons directly or indirectly involved in criminal activities. The orders issued by Home Secretary, Punjab, Nadeem Hasan Asif, empowering the police toarrest each criminal separately, say that "certain desperate and dangerous persons are moving at large, rendering security hazards to the community and are posing grave threat to public safety by resorting to ransom, illegal distortions and are resorting to illegal dispossession of property of public at large and other heinous offences, which is resulting in disturbance of public tranquillity, danger to human life, health and safety.”

    The SP Security, Husain Habib Imtiaz Gill, confirmed that police had been raiding the dens of a number of anti-social elements and arresting persons involved in such activities. Husain Habib, however, evaded a query about the political links of the ‘gangs of Lahore’ and further details.

    According to CIA sources, the police had already arrested them but declared them arrested under the MPO-3 only after they had been caught. A police officer, who did not authorise The News to quote his name, said. “It would have been much more difficult to arrest them after the announcement. They could easily go underground, leaving the police to search for them everywhere.”

    Almost all of them were already booked in various criminal cases, the source said. Some of them were on bail in some of the cases against them, the police sources said.

    26 notorious mafia bosses arrested in Punjab