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25 police checkpoints set up in Islamabad as part of ‘special’ security plan


Dec 21, 2021
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Why are they enacting police state measures in Islamabad? all over some false alarm? they are obviously doing this to divert attention from the current situation and reinforce their "importance" in the country
Not like there wasn't a suicide explosion in Islamabad a few days ago, and a rise in TTP presence. 🤡🤡🤡

Pajeet is back to posting his pajeet shit again.

All coincidentally when the US left Afghanistan.

Hey guys no offence but looks like you’ve sold your country to the Americans hook line and sinker . I think this is all a ploy I also think ttp is masterminded by your army to divert from political issues and to get aid from US .

Your army chief has destroyed your country for money .

Looks from afar .

Not meaning to cause offence but just the way I see it hearing the news from Pakistan over last few months .
TTP is an extension of already existing sentiments within society - it's a mix of Pashtun nationalism and Islamic extremism.

You'll know this as many from some areas are sympathetic and sometimes outright supportive of them.

You notice how 'coincidentally' their attacks and presence increased significantly after the US left Afghanistan - with the TTP's ethnic and ideological brothers in control next door? Some TTP members were even found using American snipers.

Although I think that the USA supports them sometimes in a controlled manner to use them to destabilise Pakistan and also as a blackmail tool. The aid money is literally pennies compared to the destruction these insurgencies have caused.

Last time we suffered a loss of $252B if you account for infrastructure damage, shock to economy, rebuilding, etc. And in total all aid given to us by US is not even $100B, so the aid money is not worth it at all in return for a massive shock to economy, stability, and infrastructure.

The US uses TTP as a blackmail and instability tool because it understands our weakness, then offers a little aid to seem as an ally while forcing its personal interests in the background. Hence why balancing the relationship with Chinese influence was key and is being worked upon.
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