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2020 to see delivery of new Turkish defense products

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    The Turkish defense industry will deliver new vehicles and systems to the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) in 2020, Turkey’s top defense industry official said on Monday.

    Several defense products, including aerial, naval and land systems, will enter Turkish forces’ inventory, Ismail Demir, the head of Turkey's Defense Industries Presidency, told a press conference in the capital Ankara.

    The Bayraktar Akinci Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle, phase 2 combat helicopter Atak, and other types of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) will be delivered, he said.

    The Low Altitude Air Defense Missile System Hisar-A and sea missile Atmaca will also enter the inventory, he added.

    Turkey's biggest warship, the multi-purpose Amphibious Assault Ship TCG Anadolu, the test and training ship TCG Ufuk, and new types of boats will also be delivered.

    Turkish defense firms will also complete their work on supply ship design and submarine modernization in 2020.

    The Turkish Armed Forces will start to use next-generation land vehicles in 2020 such as the Kirpi-2 (new version of a mine-resistant vehicle), mini-armored buses, armored ambulances, and criminal investigation vehicles.

    In 2020 Turkey's Police Directorate will also receive armored trucks and vehicles, including an armored pick-up with a retractable gun.

    The first domestically produced 105mm Light Tracked Air Transportable Howitzer Fire Control System (BORAN) will also be delivered to Turkish forces, said Demir.

    Turkey's first air-to-air missile Bozdogan will be delivered after it undergoes test firing.

    Several tests for missile systems will also be completed in 2020.

    The country will also focus on new systems and products and sign agreements and hold tenders, said Demir.

    F-35 issue

    Touching on the U.S. F-35 fighter jet program, Demir said: "As an ally, we find it difficult to understand the U.S.' attitude."

    Following Turkey's decision to buy Russian S-400 defense systems, the U.S. suspended Turkey from the F-35 program.

    "As a partner in the F-35s, we stand behind our commitment. We insist that a biased decision is unlawful," he stressed.

    The U.S. claimed that the Russian S-400 would compromise security on the F-35s, but Turkey said these fears were baseless, and has proposed setting up a commission to clarify the issue.

    *Writing and contributions by Gokhan Ergocun from Istanbul

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    The full list shared by Harzemşah at Sadfor-Savtera: https://sadfor.savtera.org/index.php?topic=619.30

    Naval Platforms:

    - TCG Anadolu LHD will enter the inventory
    - Test and training vessel TCG Ufuk will enter the inventory
    - 2 emergency response diving and training boats will be delivered
    - Second Underwater Assault Boat will enter inventory
    - DIMDEG project detailed design process will be completed
    - Preveze class submarines MLU preliminary design will be completed

    Land Systems

    - BMC Vuran, BMC KIRPI-II, Criminal Inspection Vehicle KIRAÇ, secret armored bus GIZKO and armored ambulance deliveries will continue
    - Armored vans with secret weapon towers to be delivered to EGM
    - Mine Protected Armored Recovery Vehicle to be delivered to Land Forces
    - First deliveries of 6X6 Mine Protected Vehicle will be received
    - 105 mm Airborne towed howitzer BORAN deliveries will be started
    - Qualification tests of ZAHA for Armored Amphibious Assault Vehicle will be started
    - Tender for light, medium and heavy class unmanned land vehicles and deliveries will be made in some classes

    Ammunition groups:

    - Bozdoğan WVR IIR air-air missile will enter the inventory
    - Hisar-O full capacity tests will take place
    - KORKUT deliveries will continue
    - New generation MANPADS missile firing tests
    - HGK, UPS, LGK, SOM-A, UMTAS-L, UMTAS, OMTAS, MAM, DSH deliveries will continue
    - MPT-76, MPT-55, national pistol METE deliveries will continue
    - MPT-76 rifle bombs will continue to be delivered
    - HISAR-A air defense system will enter the inventory
    - Local propulsion systems for FIRTINA howitzers will be developed

    Electronic Systems

    - The project to protect critical facilities against mini / micro UAV threats will be tendered.
    - Delivery of ASELPOD targeting pods will continue.
    - RAKAS - MUKAS Project, Radar Jamming and Deception Simulator (RAKAS) system will be delivered.
    - Within the scope of Radar Electronic Support (ES) / Electronic Attack (EA) Systems Project, related systems will be put into use.
    - Within the scope of Kent Security Management System and Vehicle Recognition System Project, domestic installations will continue.
    - Deliveries of modular temporary base areas will continue.
    - Various types of jamming, blinding, UAV preventive system deliveries will be made.

    Communication and Satellite Systems

    - Deliveries will start within the scope of X Band Satellite Communication System Project.
    - The contract for the National Screening System (MILTAR) Project, which aims to produce X-ray vehicle and container scanning systems with domestic facilities, will be signed.
    - within the scope of the Friend-or-Foe Recognition Identification System (IFF) Mode 5 / S Project; National IFF devices will be integrated into various air and sea platforms, primarily for F-16.
    - New type handheld radio (EHKET) will be delivered, which electronic warfare protected, frequency jumping featured and it can work with different waveforms.
    - Within the scope of Secure Communication of General Directorate of Security, project planned to procure a system based on Broadband LTE technology and to develop a DMR + LTE hybrid terminal.
    - Offers will be received within the scope of Combined Multi Mini Satellite Development Project(global positioning project?) and Göktürk-3 Synthetic Aperture Radar Satellite System Development Project.
    - New projects related to hybrid engine systems and energy storage systems are aimed to be realized.

    Air systems:

    - TAI Aksungur will be taken into inventory
    - Baykar Akıncı to be delivered at the end of 2020
    - Contract will be signed within the scope of Basic Training Helicopter Project for Turkish Land Forces Command
    - ATAK Phase 2 helicopters will be delivered
    - Deliveries of the improved Kamikaze Mini UAV Kargu-2 will begin
    - Autonomous Tactical Strike Fixed Wing UAV, Alpagu will start of its deliveries .
    - Cargo UAV's contract will be signed and design and development activities will start.
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    Despite all the obstacles, despite the openly and implicit embargo activities, the Turkish defense industry continues to move forward confidently. Each obstruction has created a new indigenous industrial area in Turkey. Today, I can proudly say that the Turkish defense industry has now crossed the threshold to stand on independently. Surely we are at the beginning of the path. But we know our strength and direction very well. Every year, we will continue to advance by multiplying the previous year.

    Let's take a fast look at 2019 for about Turkey's defense industry activities.
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