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2 year anniversary of the Wonder Drug To Battle Corona


Jan 21, 2021
On May 27, 2020 a news shocked the world.

Gujarat Plans To Give World A Wonder Drug To Battle Corona​

For First Time In India, Clinical Trial Of Ayurvedic Medicine Derived From Panchgavya — Cow’s Milk, Butter, Ghee, Dung And Urine — To Begin In Rajkot, Followed By Ahmedabad And Surat; Trials To Be Based On Modern Medicine Protocols​

The effectiveness of cow urine and cow dung to treat certain ailments is documented in Ayurveda. The five main products derived from cows— milk, butter, ghee, dung and urine — has mention in Vedas as Panchgavya (five) elements and have been in use in India for ages.

The stage is now set to test efficacy of medicine derived from these elements to treat Covid-19. Dr Vallabh Kathiria, Chairman of Rashtriya Kamdhenu Aayog, said clinical trials of the medicine will begin soon using protocols used to test allopathic medicines.

Talking to Mirror, Dr Kathiria, a qualified allopathy doctor, said, “The effectiveness of Panchgayva medicine is known in India for centuries but not established in modern scientific context. Today, when the world is struggling to find a medicine for Covid-19, there is a distinct possibility that Panchgavya medicine may give us an effective treatment or cure.”

The trial will be conducted in 10 hospitals in the country. It will begin at the Civil hospital in Rajkot, which is Chief Minister Vijay Rupani's constituency. Hospitals in Ahmedabad and Surat will follow suit. “Trials will also be carried out in Vardha, Pune, Hyderabad and Jodhpur,” he said.

Talking about the methodology, he said, “During the clinical trials, the consenting patients would be given this medicine and their progress documented scientifically. Comparison and analysis would be made as per modern medicine clinical trial norms. On completion of the multi-centre trials, a research paper would be published for peer review by the scientific and medical community.”

Dr Hitesh Jani, Ex-Principal of Gujarat Ayurveda University, said, “It is for the first time that a clinical trial of a classical drug is being undertaken. The clinical trial will begin in 2-3 days and will have a 15-day protocol.”
Explaining the process, Dr Jani said virus load of the patients will be taken on a daily basis to ascertain results as per the timeline. “This will help establish efficacy of the medicine. At present we have prepared the medicine in granular form, similar to milk powder, so that it can be easily consumed by a patient with water or milk,” said.

Dr Saumil Sanghavi, interventionist at SGVP Hospital in Ahmedabad who has treated several Covid-19 patients, said, “Time is ripe for an effective integrated medicine. It does not matter from which branch of medicine it emerges. At SGVP, which also has an ayurvedic department, we are already using certain ayurvedic medicines to treat about 40 Covid-19 patients.”
“If scientifically proven, ayurvedic drugs can be used with greater confidence. Cow urine is known to have medicinal components that can cure Covid-19. In fact, there is a drug available which is currently imported from Korea and China with cow urine as an ingredient. Hospitals there are already using it to treat Covid-19 patients.”

‘Allopathy best for cure’
Dr Dipak Vadodaria, surgeon, told Mirror, “Ayurvedic medicines derived from cow products are beneficial for prevention of disease. Covid-19 patients need quick relief as they may suffer from acute respiratory problem for which allopathic medicines give best results. Allopathy is the only option for cure right now. Until there’s scientific proof, I would prefer allopathic medicines over ayurvedic ones.”

What BJP says

Gujarat BJP spokesperson Bharat Pandya said India’s ancient science will come in handy when the entire world is struggling to find antidote for Covid-19. I support the upcoming clinical trial. It is necessary it is done under observation of medical experts. Also, necessary compliances and certifications should be taken before it is made available to people.”

BJP spokesperson for Saurashtra and Kutch Raju Dhruv said India’s ancient Vedic science, which has mention of cow derivatives, can surely come up with a wonder drug. “During this worldwide crisis, going back to the basics can prove a prudent strategy. I am sure it will prove effective.”

Source: Gujarat plans to give world a wonder drug to battle corona (ahmedabadmirror.com)
I wonder how many took that wonder drug and how are they doing :cheesy:

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