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19251 new companies registered in last 9 months

War Thunder

Mar 12, 2013
United Arab Emirates
Total count of companies registered so far: 139,620
Total count of companies registered before PTI came in: 88,701
Total count of companies registered during PTI's government: 50,919

50,919 companies registered in the last 3 years vs 88,701 registered in the last 71 years.

Enough stats for anyone with brains to wake up.

Now those with complaints about not getting a job.
It will take time, on top of it it means you need to polish up your skills and be out there to compete. Simply carrying a Bcom or BA from some yada yada University doesn't cut it in these days. You need to be skilled and you need to be competent.
On top of it, get yourself out there on the Internet as a freelancer or a content creator. If some people living in mud houses in villages can earn Lakhs of rupees monthly from their youtube channels. What's your excuse?


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