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15 Afghans among OTA cadets

Isaq Khan

Feb 27, 2010
15 Afghans among OTA cadets

CHENNAI: Among the latest batch of trainees at the Officers Training Academy (OTA) are 15 gentlemen cadets from Afghanistan and two woman cadets from Lesotho, a country in south of Africa. Besides, 70 woman cadets and 157 gentleman cadets will be commissioned into the Indian Army after the passing out parade on Saturday.

Last year, eight gentlemen cadets from Afghanistan passed out from the OTA and joined their Army back home.

In 1980-81, the OTA had trained 74 Sri Lankan cadets at an exclusive pre-commission course. Besides, 10 were commissioned into the Ugandan army after training with SSC-67 in 1998.

The first Women’s Special Entry Scheme (officers) Course with 25 lady cadets got under way on September 21, 1992. Initially, 50 lady cadets were commissioned each year but now about 100 of them get commissioned from OTA each year.

15 Afghans among OTA cadets | Officers Training Academy (OTA) | Afghanistan | Indian Express



New Recruit

Sep 14, 2010
Awesome. This will bring the countries closer, as the heart of any nation are it's defence forces.
IMO this is the kind of soft power we need.

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