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12th anniversary of militant grenade attack on Hasina: Was Khaleda behind the attack?


Jul 30, 2015
BNP-Jamaat govt behind Aug 21
Says Hasina
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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has once again accused the then
BNP-Jamaat government of perpetrating the grisly grenade
attack on an Awami League rally on August 21, 2004.
She said the incident jolted the world's conscience but the
conscience of the BNP leader or the party was not stirred.
"We were not allowed to utter a single word or discuss the
matter in parliament. We were even barred from bringing any
motion in Jatiya Sangsad to condemn the attack.”
The PM said it is clear who were involved in that incident and
that there is no need to prove it.

Picture: The party people form a human shield around their dear leader Sheikh Hasina.*

In this connection, Hasina, who narrowly escaped the attack,
referred to some remarks of Khaleda Zia, her son
Tarique Rahman and her party leaders.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina placing wreaths at a makeshift
memorial for the martyrs of the August 21 grenade attack. The
memorial was set up in front of the Awami League central
office on Bangabandhu Avenue in the city yesterday. Photo: BSS
"Begum Zia had said I [Hasina] would never be the prime
minister or even the leader of the opposition in future, while
her elder son [Tarique] stayed at his father-in-law's home in
Dhanmondi for eight to 10 months consecutively," she said,
posing a question if Tarique lived there to hatch a conspiracy
against her.

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"It seemed from the comments of the BNP leader and her party
men that they wanted to remove me from this world," Hasina

The PM was speaking at a rally yesterday after placing wreaths
at a makeshift memorial for martyrs of the gruesome grenade
The memorial was set up by Awami League in front of its
Bangabandhu Avenue central office where militants had lobbed
13 grenades on a AL peaceful rally.
Twenty-four leaders and workers of party and its associate
bodies including the then Mohila AL president Ivy Rahman, wife
of late president Zillur Rahman, were killed and over 500 others
suffered splinter injuries in the attack. Many of the injured
became crippled for life.
Though Hasina narrowly escaped the attack, she lost her
hearing ability due to the impact of the repeated grenade blasts
near the truck-dais of the rally.
Yesterday, she first placed a wreath at the memorial and then
placed another, flanked by her party leaders.
Cabinet members, PM's advisers, senior leaders of AL and 14-
party combine, and family members of the martyrs and those
injured in the incident were present.
A munajat was also offered seeking eternal peace of the
departed souls. After addressing the programme, Hasina met
relatives of the victims.

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Oct 27, 2014
Ofc they were... how can civilians get military grade weapons without checks from govt? I happen to be out the day it happened.... was going to coaching... no a single soul in the city.... later we came to know from the rickshaw puller what happened. Hey Atleast I got a week worth of holiday from that dreadful coaching.

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