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11 injured in South Korean high-speed train derailment


Oct 10, 2016
South Korea's Suisseo High Speed Rail Corporation (SR) reported on July 1, local time, that at about 15:20 that day, the Suixe High Speed Rail (SRT) 338 train from Busan Station to Seoul Suisseo Station was near Daejeon Gym Station. The derailment has caused 11 injuries, and some trains were forced to cancel or delay due to this impact.

It is reported that the train carried about 380 passengers, and 7 of the 11 injured passengers were rushed to the hospital. The "Dong-A Ilbo" quoted relevant passengers as saying that the train suddenly made a noise at the time of the incident, and was forced to an emergency stop after the violent vibration. Relevant departments speculate that the derailment may be related to the wheel falling off caused by the sudden braking of the train.

Affected by the accident, the trains of the Shuixi high-speed rail to Seoul and Busan were canceled or delayed, and the Korean high-speed rail (KTX) using the same track was also delayed.

After the accident, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport of South Korea has established a disaster investigation team to determine the specific cause of the accident and minimize the inconvenience caused by train cancellations and delays caused by the accident. It is still unclear whether the cause of the accident was a vehicle defect or a track issue.

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