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10 Most Corrupt Indian Politicians


Sep 7, 2010
RT@...... Funny: on one hand whole of India is gripped by Anna-triggered hysteria and in AP 29 parliamentarians resign to protest against CBI raids...
Wrong picture deliberately projected by TVs everywhere. Merely 0.01% of 1.2billion population is protesting throughout India.
JAGAN OWN land in hyderabad more than hydeb cricket sta dium can u believe it
land is far more valuable in India. example. 1 acre of agri land in Indian Punjab costs 19 million pak rupees

just some twits


Aug 9, 2010
Karunanidhi's daughter bought nearly a thousand acres near my village....the officials were made to come in the middle of the night to do all the documentation work....the money all of it was in such a bad condition they had trouble counting the notes.....all the money bags arrived in ordinary sacks....when it happened only few prominent DMK people in the area knew what was happening .

His son stalin own a company where all the workers are treated like slaves.

I have relatives in both parties who have become multi millionaires thanks to politics .


Sep 20, 2009
I feel Ys Raja Shekar Reddy should be kept in top 3 list of the most corrupt politicians. There is a huge scale of corruption involved during his tenure from 2002 to 2009 until his accidental death. During his tenure he acted like a dictator and collapsed entire state run organizations and used his power to his son jagan's benifit.
Recently "The High court of andhra pradesh" ordred an initial CBI enquiry into his illegal financial assets. After finding that there is massive scale of curruption and corruption involved during his tenure estimates involve 40,000 Cr. some say more that (100,000 Crores). A full fledged enquiry was ordered.

scams: The scams involve
1) Money laundering (Hawala)
2) Alloting SEZ's allegedly for his family's benifit (Be it his own decesion or cabinet decesion)
3) Granting permission for Illegal Mining activities in Bayyarama and Obulapuram.
4) Huge corruption worth of 1000's of crores in Jalayagnam ( water projects)

To begin the story Raja Shekar reddy's family had a humble beginings. He is a Doctor by profession and he entered into politics in 1978 as an MLA. From then he worked as
as PCC president and varios posts in Congress Govt. and Party. He was elected as a Chief minister of Andhra Pradesh in 2004.
The main reasons for the victory of Congress Govt. are
1) Anti incumbancy Due to the capitalistic policies of the previous CM Chandra babu naidu
2) Severe drought occurred during 1999 to 2003 due to which farmers situation beceme helpless and this combined with anti farmer schemes of TDP govt, to dethrone TDP from power.
3) YSR's famous "Padayatra" to cash the frustration of farmers and people's anti incumbancy.
4) The successful campaign of Left parties against the then TDP govt.
5) Congress party's election manifesto.

Just after the congres Govt. came to power YSR implemented some welfare schemes including hugely popular "Arogya Sri" (corporate health treatment for the masses at Govt subcidized Rate).
With the success of the welfare schemes coupled with economic growth YSR gained popularity and came to power again in 2009, This time win margin got reduced because of various factors like enty of PRP. All and all a good leader who cares for the masses and farmers.
But this is only one side of the whole story. Recent CBI enquiry showed that there is lot of corruption involved due to his dictatorship. He virtually snatched the state of Andhra from the center in return of giving 33 MP's for the congress led UPA goverernment. This is the prime reason that he never asked for ministers portfolio's for the state of AP. People are about to know the facts about the massive scams in his tenure due to the ongoing CBI investigation.

YSR's son
The accidental death of YSR gave away the way for his son to play an active role in politics. Before entering into politics YSR's son is a bussiness man who payed an income tax of 11 lakh in 2003.
But after the tenure of his father as a CM, He payed an advanced tax of around 80 Crores!. He also had villa's which are worth 100's of crores in Bangalore, Hyderabad and other places.
All these things became suspicious for the public of Andhra Pradesh when came to light.
An initial enquiry was ordered through high court of Ap when an MLA's of TDP,congress and some other members of society approached court of his dispropotionate assets.
The initial enquiry of the CBI found that there is a massive corruption involved and huge money laundering took place during 2003 to 2009. So the CBI launched an investigation lodging an FIR
on Jagan and other industrialists involved in the scams. I feel CBI is yet to name others who are involved in this scams, things will be know clearly after the complete investigation.

Ysr's son jagan's response

The initial response of the YSR's son is not appropriate he tried to stop the CBI inquiry at every stage by approching supreme court,Blackmailing the congress party and trying to destabiize the Govt.
He never claimed that he is not corrupt or innocent instead he is using his paper sakshi and tv channels( paid media) and arguing that he is not the only one involved in corruption.
If CBI initial enquiry is true and arrests YSR's son jagan then it will become a prime example of how a person can amass huge amounts of wealth by using his father's power and Still claim shamelessly that he is the right one to rule the state of andhra pradesh as a CM, as if the post of CM is his father's property.

Last but not the least the recent scam involving YSR's son is so huge that with that money the state of andhra pradesh can implement welfare schemes at free of cost for 3 years. Arogya sri which involves corporate treatment can be implemented in Govt. hospitals by upgrading them to corporate standard.

The primary motive for the entry of Ysr's son looks like he wants to protect his illegal wealth by coming to power. People should question the dangerous motives of this man and his corruption.
people should reject this kind of people who think them selves that they had right to rule due to their massive illegal wealth and fan base that came due to False propaganda and money.

CBI should investigate and should name any ministers who are involved in the scam.

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