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10 Conflicts to Watch in 2023


Jan 6, 2021
International Crisis Group is an independent group with illustrious members who have vast expertise in the matters of conflict analysis across the world. They have published the report for 2023. An interesting read.

The report starts by listing the 10 likely conflicts-

So, will 2023 see major powers go to war or break a nearly 80-year nuclear taboo? Will political crises, economic hardship, and climate breakdown cause social meltdown in not just individual countries but a swath of the world? Worst-case answers to this year’s big questions seem far-fetched. But after the past few years, it would be complacent to dismiss the unthinkable.

10 Conflicts to Watch in 2023​

1. Ukraine
2. Armenia and Azerbaijan
3. Iran
4. Yemen
5. Ethiopia
6. Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Great Lakes
7. The Sahel
8. Haiti
9. Pakistan
10. Taiwan

Shekhar Gupta did an analysis of this report. He explains and highlights important parts of this report.


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