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  1. IndianTiger

    India decides not to Release the Video of Surgical Strike Footage in 'fear' of giving away tactics!

    Pakistanis are in continuous denial mode on surgical strikes.. its great because day before they were threatening about nuclear weapons. its matter of guts..
  2. IndianTiger

    India to overlook Chinese objections, sell BrahMos missiles to Vietnam

    Chinese economy is collapsing, now chines government will do anything to divert attention of people from economic issues. India can't afford to cancel deal for useless objections raised by china.
  3. IndianTiger

    Can china or India create a weapon system like this?

    now see who is talking.. the country who cannot make rail engines criticizing a nation who went to moon...http://tribune.com.pk/story/380502/india-may-lease-out-50-locomotives-to-pakistan/ shame
  4. IndianTiger

    Indian aggression at LOC

    they want sindhudesh after bangladesh i guess.
  5. IndianTiger

    Pakistan won’t be able to bear cost of ‘adventurism’: Jaitley

    Pakistans 47 posts destroyed today by Indian army He got plenty of time..
  6. IndianTiger

    Pakistan won’t be able to bear cost of ‘adventurism’: Jaitley

    Beta yad rakhana 1971 me surrender kar k tumne jo world record banya tha.. Indian army ne hi tumhi ghutno par khada kiya tha.. bahudur hum hai.. usme koi shak nahi.. jo surrender huye wo darpok the usme bhi koi shak nahi..
  7. IndianTiger

    11-year-old boy dies from Gaza war injuries caused by Israel

    we do promote promote.. we kill those who try to invade..
  8. IndianTiger

    China to invest $100 billion in India over 5 years

    good move by china..they know where to invest..
  9. IndianTiger

    Sri Lanka cancels on-arrival visa facility for Pakistanis

    NEW DELHI: Sri Lanka has banned visas on arrival for Pakistanis after investigations showed that jihadist groups targeting India were using Sri Lanka as a transit point. Lanka is also one of the few countries that extended such a facility to Pakistani nationals. A bomb blast in a Chennai train...
  10. IndianTiger

    Tracking Indian made vaccine found on terrorists who attacked Karachi Airport

    ha ha ha... what the hell this people want to discuss further..
  11. IndianTiger

    Tracking Indian made vaccine found on terrorists who attacked Karachi Airport

    Ha Ha Ha .............. I never thought Indian durgs are so popular in Pakistan..
  12. IndianTiger

    India more hungry than Bangladesh

    Indian dont eat cow thats why it seems to be like this..
  13. IndianTiger


    FEAR MINGLES WITH CAUTIOUS HOPE AFTER THE BJP’S LANDSLIDE VICTORY IN INDIA’S GENERAL ELECTIONS. Millions of India’s Muslims fear Hindu nationalist Narendra Modi’s landslide election will fuel religious discrimination, intolerance and even bring bloodshed, but some are also prepared to give him a...
  14. IndianTiger

    What World Says on Modi

    it its democracy and you cant challenge it..
  15. IndianTiger

    The rise of Hindutva.. only 20 muslims in Parliament of Modi..

    khair manao ki modi ko uski aukat dikhani na pade...
  16. IndianTiger

    Comparison between Anti ship missiles :

    Comparison between Anti ship missiles : 1.Naval Strike Missile country : norway/poland range : 185 km speed : 900 km/h weight : 410 kg warhead : 125 kg guidence system : radar 2.RBS-15 country : sweden range : 200 km speed : 1100 km/h weight : 800 kg warhead : 200 kg guidence system ...