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  1. Dawood Ibrahim

    My grand mother passed away..... prayers

    Inna lillahi wa Inna ilayhi raji'oun.
  2. Dawood Ibrahim

    Featured KP allows construction of skyscrapers to save agricultural land

  3. Dawood Ibrahim

    Journalist Imran Khan Praises PM IK and tells Nawaz is lobbying in US; breaking guarantee

    If he is begging than he will be begging most likely to the Establishment You already mentioned in one of the thread about your citizenship related problems :D
  4. Dawood Ibrahim

    Best Classic Cartoon Compilation | Greatest Cartoons of All Time | Cartoon Rankings

    + Pink Panther, woody wood packer, Jonny quest, Flintstone, Voltron
  5. Dawood Ibrahim

    My Real life struggle against Dark forces of Evil

    Go to a reliable Aaleem not some BaBa G. If possible move out to new home until the situation is sorted out. And about the visa situation if it's written for your to be their in US Inshallah you will be their oneday Note family problems in almost every house exists and the cause of it is mostly...
  6. Dawood Ibrahim

    Could Ranjeet Singh's statue in Lahore be torn down like the statues of tyrants in the West?

    What about the present living tyrants any thoughts on how we can bring them down
  7. Dawood Ibrahim

    Need help with tracking someone

    @lastofthepatriots TRY FIA CYBER UNIT. But IF he goes to jail he will come out. He is stubborn and your only chance might be his ASSETS + talk sweetly to him. Their is a saying don't push the cat (fraudster) to the corner
  8. Dawood Ibrahim

    After Yoga.. Its the Indian SAMOSA !!!

    Can our Samosa apply for indian visa :P it's desperate
  9. Dawood Ibrahim

    Traitor Landlords And Nawabs Of British India | پاکستان کے غدار جاگیردار خاندان اور سیاست دان

    I wonder if the British were here would we had this much problem like CORRUPT JUDICIARY,TEHSILDAR,POLITICIAN, etc. Unplanned agriculture lands converted to housing scheme which not only has no drainage plan but also food security.
  10. Dawood Ibrahim

    Did Bacha Khan really fight against the British??

    1, He was against British Rule but in favour of merger with Afghanistan which Alhumdulillah didn't happen 2, His father didn't get it from the British coz Bacha khan belongs to Muhammadzai tribe who are from charsadda back than their tribe had 80+ percent of lands in their possession for a khan...
  11. Dawood Ibrahim

    Pakistanis, what Non-Pakistani food do you want to try?

    UAE dish Ghuzi Harees Lagmat Kunafa As well as some Arabic coffee + some Egyptian Lebanese Iranian Afghanistan foods as well
  12. Dawood Ibrahim

    Are you fed up with brainwashing dramas

    They should make drama on prisoners life on daily wage income or the people who came from nobody to somebody real stories real events you what i mean Where you rejected or ejected or deserted :D
  13. Dawood Ibrahim


  14. Dawood Ibrahim

    And don't rush jus wait for the corona crisis you might get a good deal

    And don't rush jus wait for the corona crisis you might get a good deal
  15. Dawood Ibrahim

    Hi welcome to pdf. As recommended by 1 of the member suggestion to check ABBOTTABAD + check also...

    Hi welcome to pdf. As recommended by 1 of the member suggestion to check ABBOTTABAD + check also NATHIA GALI and some other
  16. Dawood Ibrahim

    Looking for a cheap place to live in Murree or other Northern areas.

    Can i ask why you want to leave here when majority of Pakistan's would love to settle in uk and please do a research on these northern area DIR MALAKAND etc