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  1. waleed3601

    ‘Declare India a Hindu Rashtra’

    pakistanis and bangladeshis trying to mock india on a (minority) demand to become a theocracy is irony at its finest.
  2. waleed3601

    2018 elections drawing close: Is Pakistan ready to accept a democratic government?

    do you want a never ending cycle of political unrest which has lead pakistan to it's current state, destroying its economy and society? because that's exactly how you get one. we need democracy. and it needs to stay. improvements will come, slowly and gradually. we just need to wait it out. no...
  3. waleed3601

    Woman mercilessly thrashed in Rajasthan's Nagaur district, Forced to say Jai Shree Ram.

    afghanistan boosting cultural exports to india i see still want that friendship, indians? :D
  4. waleed3601

    Beliya Video Song | Mehrunisa V Lub U | Danish Taimoor, Sana Javed, Jawed sheik

    do these movie directors have any common sense? they know how munafiq our mullah awaam is. will watch indian item numbers 24/7 but god forbid a pakistani tries to do the same then come the 'behaya/behuda/beghairat/'not our culture' waley tags by insecure women and men with fragile masculinity.
  5. waleed3601

    Tourism: PTDC facing increased demand

    thanks zia >( seriously, why is everyone so damn concerned with whether or not people are married? let 2 consenting adults do whatever they wanna do. har kisi k kaam me ungli dalna to humara qaumi khel hai.
  6. waleed3601

    What's you people's view on marijuana.

    my view : im absolutely going to try it. within the next 12 months, its my goal to get my hands on some marijuana. im very much against cigarettes and alcohol, but weed is totally harmless, and a lot of fun (from what ive heard). so definitely gonna try it.
  7. waleed3601

    Next Step - Invasion? Why Saudi Arabia Moved to Cut Ties With Qatar

    "a think tank has told sputnik...." yeah, think tank. unless this think tank was the kgb, this entire article is only an assumption of the absolute worst case scenario which won't ever happen. absolutely not gonna happen.
  8. waleed3601

    PSF the student wing of the secular, ethinic party ANP instigated mob to kill Mashal Khan.

    to have such a massive tin foil hat on your head that you think this murder was a conspiracy to defame the blasphemy law..... some serious insecurity issues you have, buddy. for the sake of argument let's assume you're right. that it was a conspiracy. even then, does it make sense to kill one of...
  9. waleed3601

    PML | Moonis Elahi 's Political Desk

    @Azka Malik - question : what exactly is PMLQ's election strategy? Do you hope to win anything? I don't see any rallies or mass mobilization. At this rate N league will win another 5 years in Punjab. Also what are your opinions on local government? Will you bring back nazim system if given power?
  10. waleed3601

    Aga Khan shuts up Indian interviewer

    that wasn't a shut up at all. just a disagreement. for a proper shut up refer musharraf's countless arguments on indian and american channels.
  11. waleed3601

    Pakistani Ulema announced the New Fatwa against Terrorism and Violence on 26 May 2017

    liberals bash terrorism since 80s : go to india you raw agent stop hurting our religious sentiment mullahs finally do it in 2017 : very welcome step, better late than never. it will surely end bomb blasts and suicide attacks. very good.
  12. waleed3601

    Banned outfits in Pakistan operate openly on Facebook

    because they're a part of the state narrative. these pages help make more jihadis for the army to use in kashmir and afghanistan, so obviously we can't touch them. also they create sympathies in the minds of people by using religion, so that people dont protest against them and so they collect...
  13. waleed3601

    Punjab Food Authority Banned COLD DRINKS IN all Punjab SCHOOLS

    didn't read the article but this is good. cold drinks and cigarettes are two things which should be banned entirely for their ridiculous health disadvantages. unfortunately developing countries are ripe investment grounds for companies who make these products. banning them would be huge hit to...
  14. waleed3601

    Defeat for freedom-loving, secular people of Bangladesh – sculptor on removal of Lady Justice statue

    well done bangladesh! you are en route to becoming pakistan part 2, as you once were......
  15. waleed3601

    Minister asks Pakistani women to dress properly in Saudi Arabia

    hahaha yeah i fully agree with the message. conservatism is a slippery slope that almost always leads to oppression and backwardness. we need to stop these mullahs, they've even taken away our graceful and beautiful shalwar kameez from our women and put them in those horrible garbage bags. it...
  16. waleed3601

    Minister asks Pakistani women to dress properly in Saudi Arabia

    in all honesty, 80-90% of women when in public in Pakistan wear full black abaya, i highly doubt they wouldn't do the same in saudi?
  17. waleed3601

    Breaking barriers: The girl who rode a motorbike through Khyber Pakhtunkhawa

    it would've been news if it was a pathan girl who did it. punjab has always been relatively more liberal.
  18. waleed3601

    Crackdown on social media draws ire from all quarters

    the makings of a fascist state. oh, where art thou, musharraf?