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  1. Rahil khan

    Featured Govt moves amendment bill in NA: Ridiculing armed forces, personnel to be a crime

    I have never witnessed Tort laws ever implemented in Pakistan. If you observe our history of electronic or print media along with Politicians and their "political tactics"...they have survived by making slanderous/libelous accusations on Live TV without having any fear of accountability. Our...
  2. Rahil khan

    India and Japan sign 10-year military pact to counter China in the Indo-Pacific — strengthening the QUAD

    You can disagree, but nukes are not an option IMO. :disagree:
  3. Rahil khan

    None of the Ph.D Scholars Who Received Scholarships & Passed Returned to Pakistan: HEC

    My cousin successfully completed his PhD from Stockholm University in Quantum Physics on a university's scholarship. When returned in 2017 he started teaching in Punjab University until he received threats due to unknown reasons. He returned back to Sweden and now serving there as faculty...
  4. Rahil khan

    Pakistan F-16 Discussions 2

    We all can understand your pain bro. Perhaps you should know that the block building approach concept of F-16s has ensured its airframe life to be extended from 8000 hours to 16000 hours, credit goes to Turkish Aeronautical Complex who made structural enhancements. Those "Some MLU Added Kits"...
  5. Rahil khan

    CIA declassified documents Air War 1971 - PAF v IAF

    You forgot one more name. Gen Yahya Khan. :coffee: It was never like the way which is often presented that East Pakistanis woke up one morning in 1970 and decided to have separate country. The process of Dhaka fall initiated the day Ayub Khan took charge of the country. From 1958 till 1969, his...
  6. Rahil khan

    America’s deadliest nuclear bomber B-2 spirit could thunder at India-China border

    Trying to drag Uncle Sam to bomb another country after failed Middle East and Afghan policies ? And Americans are so naive to invade one of the three nuclear neighborhood trio while hammering interests of 658.9 billion $$$$ worth trading partner like China just to please some delusional Indians...
  7. Rahil khan

    Independence Day Gift For PDFians.

    @Windjammer Sir, Is this a sniper pod beneath the Air intake on left? Have our MLUs got sniper pods? I'm asking because i thought only block 52s have got this ability.
  8. Rahil khan

    Independence Day Gift For PDFians.

    Brahamos Blackmail :omghaha::omghaha::omghaha:.. You Indians have no limits. Just simply parcel you Nindooo again..We shall be happy to return him in just over couple of hours provided that he shan't land on a mind field... But next time cake would be ready for him as well. :welcome:
  9. Rahil khan

    Featured F-16.net confirms Su-30MKI loss on 27th Feb

    Three quarters of a million military personals in just over two hundred thousand square kilometres, with a curfew on 8 million population but still India can't hide anything? Really? I have observed here Indian members justifying pallet guns usage on local Kashmiris ? How much there is an access...
  10. Rahil khan

    pakistani train driver and sucidal women on track .

    Sir, only economic revival with uniform opportunities can rescue these people. Foreign investments, infrastructure, fast track roads, upgraded rail networks linking people in the remote lands of Baluchistan or Sindh, so that the people living there shall find a way to start some business for...
  11. Rahil khan

    pakistani train driver and sucidal women on track .

    Another democracy vs dictatorship war of words erupted here in a thread in which driver saved a poor lady from committing suicide. Let's move forward folks. Let the current PM (never endorsed his role in his opposition days) play his role and let our military assist this fragile civilian set up...
  12. Rahil khan

    Lieutenant Sardar Pawan Singh of Pakistan Navy

    WTH is the problem with you guys ? :angry:
  13. Rahil khan

    New fighter for PAF Doctrine?

    Simply resurrect your economy, pay them hard cash like 2 billion$. They will provide us couple of squadrons of new vipers under all circumstances. Few years back when PAF was about to get 8 additional vipers under CSF, Trump administration simply refused by saying that Pakistan must arrange...
  14. Rahil khan

    JF-17 Thunder Multirole Fighter [Thread 7]

    How many thunders in PAF inventory has got this air to air refueling capability ?
  15. Rahil khan

    With a range of 4,500 km .. Learn about the "Sukhoi 35" fighters that Egypt bought

    My bad, I've edited it. But clearly it seems that Egypt is shifting its emphasis from Uncle Sam to other countries for the military hardware supply. Su35s will serve Egypt well for decades ahead.
  16. Rahil khan

    With a range of 4,500 km .. Learn about the "Sukhoi 35" fighters that Egypt bought

    So Rafales, SU-35s along with so many vipers...looks excellent but wouldn't that become a maintenance nightmare as well?
  17. Rahil khan

    Featured JF-17 Emerged As The Star of Swift Retort

    Yeah that's why your Mi 17 was flying over airspace filled with air to air missiles just to collect saffron from the mountain tops i guess..! Before shot downed by your own SPYDER along with six IAF personals. The incident was reluctantly admitted after more than six months. Naturally as a...