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  1. silko

    Airbus and TAI established a joint company to maintain A-400M

    pardon my ignorance, but what is 'risk-share'?
  2. silko

    Syrian fighter jet reported missing lands in Jordan; pilot asks for politic

    Blackeagle, is that airport close to you? do you live in the capital Amman.. where did it land? i heard some 80 kilometers from there. if you are close to it, can you by any chance take some photos of it?
  3. silko

    I've closed the thread... next time I will delete such non english threads

    have you reported that Persian discussion thread?
  4. silko

    Diffrences between A-129 And T-129

    wow... so much better than the Italian counterpart. by the way, isn't it a B version? the one offered to South Korea T-129B or something.
  5. silko

    New RMK Marine warship projects

    rmk is a Turkish company? (first time i hear about them) where do they get the know how to make LHD's and corvettes and stealth boats from? Turkish navy has any ships that where built by this company?
  6. silko

    Lockheed wins $490 mln deal to buy F-35 parts

    how will this help Turkish defence industry?
  7. silko

    Hamas founder's son 'sympathizes with IDF'

    wasn't Hamas founded by Israel to counter PLO?
  8. silko


    so this is like a HQ that can be moved around in the battlefield?
  9. silko

    Turkish-Saudi (and CCG) military cooperation

    just of curiousity, won't it be hard to controll the amount of Turkish citizens that will come to Saudi for hajj then? i mean how do you work this out in GCC? is it different during hajj time? where you have to get visa to come or can they just come if they want. that seems a bit unfair for...
  10. silko

    Turkish minister to Dutch deputy: Get lost, kid

    this the video they talk about "oglum, bak git" :rofl:
  11. silko

    MKE 155mm MOD 274 BaseBleed Projectile

    oh, sorry. completely ignored the fact that this was a 155mm! :hitwall: stupid me. but now that it is clear, will less mm equal to less range? 35mm difference.
  12. silko

    MKE 155mm MOD 274 BaseBleed Projectile

    can theese be used on MBT's too? the shell seems similar to a tank shell!
  13. silko

    Iran Warns Saudi Arabia of Harassing Shia Pilgrims

    i thought Shia's pilgrimage place was Kerbela in Iraq. am i missing something? isn't it there the tomb of HZ Ali is?
  14. silko

    Prime Minister Erdoan promises Kurdish as elective course in schools

    we have done bad things against them in the past, no one can deny that. but with time we have learned and given them freedom and rights. now they can speak Kurdish freely in the country without being jailed. the last thing about parliament and Kurds. we should only give parties right to gain a...
  15. silko

    Prime Minister Erdoan promises Kurdish as elective course in schools

    and bdp still finds a reason to cry when we give Kurds more rights...
  16. silko

    sagolasin kardes... ingilizce sayfalarinda muhabbet etmek baya iyi oldu benim icin, ingilizce...

    sagolasin kardes... ingilizce sayfalarinda muhabbet etmek baya iyi oldu benim icin, ingilizce øgrenme acisindan. :D
  17. silko

    Top 5 Asian Football Teams

    yeah i know japan is good, just the words you used isn't what we use in the football dictionary. world power doesn't belong there :D
  18. silko

    Top 5 Asian Football Teams

    is Uzbekistan that good or am i missin something? as far as i know Iran, Iraq, Japan and South-Korea to some degree is one of the top in football when it comes to asia. is Gulf countries counted as Asian or African? relax dude :D world powers? :lol: we're talking football here, Soccer for...
  19. silko

    Shanghai Cooperation Organization Accepts Turkey as Dialogue Partner

    the picture you posted is what we call in Turkish "bølucu" and is something we don't like, please refreain from posting pictures of a Turkey that is divided. we are one nation with different ethnicities. how would you like if someone drawed an imaginary map of Pakistan into four separate...
  20. silko

    TEA fixes regulations to promote solar power production

    the meltdown risk is very little, as years go technology develeops and there will be better ways to protect earth from nuclear waste. and who knows, maybe in future we can send them to space or some other planet? the risk is small, i'd rather smell fresh air and be able to fish and walk in the...