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  1. Major d1

    Israel offers expertise to secure India’s borders.

    we are concerned about our national security purpose. We can't take any shit from our foes state.
  2. Major d1

    Two events in history which put flourishing Islamic world into reverse gear

    In this system equality doesn't make any sense.
  3. Major d1

    Does Pakistan provide tourist visa for Indian nationals?

    I think this is not a problem if Pk gave that visa.
  4. Major d1

    Bangladesh Bought ‘Obsolete’ Chinese Submarines: Russian expert

    Bangladesh is modernizing it armed forces and procuring weapons from overseas. "The delivery of the first Chinese submarine will make the country (Bangladesh) dependent for more arms from China.
  5. Major d1

    Tipu Sultan. A great warrior.

    ALSO LISTED IN Emperors & Kings ALSO KNOWN AS 蒂普苏丹 FAMOUS AS Ruler of the Kingdom of Mysore NATIONALITY Indian Famous Indian Men RELIGION Islam, Sunni Islam BORN ON 20 November 1750 AD BIRTHDAY 20th November Famous 20th November Birthdays CENTURY 18th Century DIED AT AGE 48 SUN...
  6. Major d1

    Salam . sis . how r u ?

    Salam . sis . how r u ?
  7. Major d1

    Indian Home Minister warns to divide Pakistan

    Nice to meet you , Have a good day . bye.
  8. Major d1

    Indian Home Minister warns to divide Pakistan

    yah. it is true. Mughal architecture flourished in the Indian subcontinent from the 16th until the early 18th century when the Mughal Empire was at its height. The architectural style which is a unique blend of Islamic, Indian and Persian styles reached its golden age under Shah Jahan (ruled...
  9. Major d1

    Milad Mubarak

    My urdu is very bad. I can understand urdu language, but in written i m a poor guy .
  10. Major d1

    Indian Home Minister warns to divide Pakistan

    Akbar admired Persian culture and promoted it in India. Persian language literature flourished in India during his reign (although Hindi literature flowered too). Persian and Hindu styles of painting merged to form a new style of Mughal painting. Akbar was succeeded by his son Selim, who called...
  11. Major d1

    Milad Mubarak

    It became a custom for the muslims. Without proper reference they celebrate what islam prohibited. to do .
  12. Major d1

    Milad Mubarak

    You can read dudur sarif , that is most important better then celebrating Eid-e-miladun nabi.
  13. Major d1

    Indian Home Minister warns to divide Pakistan

    Period of The Great Akbar. While Akbar was able to consolidate and nothern part of India till Malwa (Present Madhya Pradesh), he did not expand in deccan. In this time period, Remains of Delhi Sultanat (Rulers of Northen India before Mughals arrived) had formed Deccan Sultanat (Ahmednagar...
  14. Major d1

    Milad Mubarak

    In my community, we used to celebrate the birth day of Mohammed (PBUH). In the past 30 or so years a lot of people start saying this is haram. Many people stopped doing it for many reasons but mainly not because they said it is haram but because the people who prohibit it are really bothering...
  15. Major d1

    Indian Home Minister warns to divide Pakistan

    No, they did it . They ruled this sub-continent . :rofl:
  16. Major d1

    Indian Home Minister warns to divide Pakistan

    1st during the akbar era whole india became the part of mughals. Bcz indian Providences raj put s under the agreement with Akbar. Akbar said do war , or make a relationship . However Akbar was not a good person. But in that time this south-asian territory under control of mughals and they were...