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  1. kṣamā

    Pakistani Missiles vs Indian Missiles

    I think its the roundness of the missile !! U know Both of them fly too !! :woot:
  2. kṣamā

    Software Development And Testing

    Nope it s more of an automated thing. I will barely be able to finish 10% of code if i do a review myself. It is few hundred million lines if not more. So wr r u based?? and which sector ?? Any senior members can pull out info like which s/w vendors are actively participating with DRDO to...
  3. kṣamā

    Software Development And Testing

    Hey, guys I just got into a multinational software giant as a "Software Test Developer" and my first project seems to be from a company which has some sweet defence projects going around. It seems like my computer studies just paid off !!! Wish me luck.
  4. kṣamā

    GPS Used by Pak Armed Forces

    the problem is not with the GPS data, the problem is reliability of the data, accuracy of the data and relevance of the data. If the chip outputs the data at 1hz and the vehicle on which it is located on is highly maneuverable (intentionally or un-intentionally) then the data would be obsolete...
  5. kṣamā

    Linux OS - powered rifle

    1000 yds shot by a rookie, seriously the deadly penguin strikes again.
  6. kṣamā

    Flight Radar

    We have something called railradar for our train systems too. Interesting to see the flight density over Asian and europian region
  7. kṣamā

    World's largest magnet in design at BARC

    jahan dekho apne missile aur atum bumb leke pahunch jate hai !!! are bhai in sab se age aur upar bhi science tarakki kar chuki hai aur age bhi kare gi
  8. kṣamā

    PSLV-C20 launches 7 satellites

    So wr r ISRO bashers ??? Anyways we donn need them here now. Hope ISRO polishes its armor on GSLV dept
  9. kṣamā

    India rejects reports of radiation leaks at Kudankulam

    Radioactive leak ?? Dose anyone know that even stray background radioactivity at one of the oldest nuclear research reactors, is regulated. and u ppl are talking about radioactive leakage ?? The international and national media would have gone bonkers if this news had any traction. Also the...
  10. kṣamā

    HAL-CONNECT :: LCH TD-3 Standard Cockpit Mockup

    ^^ tere ****-pit ki bhi !!
  11. kṣamā

    Metro creates Traffic jams in Lahore !

    discipline dose play a very large part in averting traffic jams and rapid transportation. I have been in Mumbai for so long that following the traffic rules had become second nature to me, but when u travel down to a tier II city u see a lot of people openly flouting traffic norms, result, mega...
  12. kṣamā

    Tarmak007 Videos (TV-007) ground run: Close encounter with a black beauty!

    tell me she ain't sexy/deadly enough for u !!
  13. kṣamā

    CERN wants more Indian scientists, engineers

    I smell something . . . . Zionist conspiracy !!!!
  14. kṣamā

    SU 30 crashed near Jaisalmer

    WTFFFFFFFFFF, is the piolt safe what caused the crash ???
  15. kṣamā

    Agni Missiles: More than what meets the eye?

    Someone can argue that Agni series has the worst possible missile frame structure pumping up the wt.
  16. kṣamā

    God Particle - discussed by mystics, scientists, priests

    Being a dis-believer I have very little faith in the constitution of religion and god. But some times it feels that all religion have many things in common and a few added dis-similarities. It concludes to one thing that it all started as one but got diverse through time. I may not be a flag...
  17. kṣamā

    Do you have any Certifications?

    I completed 2 days back
  18. kṣamā

    Do you have any Certifications?

    Ya from C-DAC, Pune Ya from C-DAC, Pune
  19. kṣamā

    Do you have any Certifications?