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  1. HannibalBarca

    Leaving PDF, Thank you and good Luck

    This has nothing to do with PDF as a platform, But those I engage with.
  2. HannibalBarca

    Leaving PDF, Thank you and good Luck

    I came on PDF for the ME/TR section... I stayed for the Debate/Discussion... But things turned into a Child play (since some time now) and many interesting posters left... Therefore I had 2 choices... Be a Child or Leave... I was already thinking leaving last Year, But stayed for the Syria...
  3. HannibalBarca

    Leaving PDF, Thank you and good Luck

    Hi, As the title stated I'm leaving. I wasn't going to make such thread, As I believe, my person is not relevant enough for such thing, but out of respect for those tagging me and such Therefore If I didn't answer/was active, it wasn't as a lack of respect of anything like that, That way next...
  4. HannibalBarca

    Should English and Arabic be also granted Secondary status in Bangladesh?

    I was going to answer every little "Mistakes" of some... about Arabic language... In hope to keep the lambda guy ,who is checking this thread, far from falling into such "false views"... But I guess... Most "Anti-Arabic" is just a way to express their "Anti-ARABS" views... by making the behavior...
  5. HannibalBarca

    Turkish drones for Saudi Arabia

    Welcome to Realpolitik... Where the Masters throw bones for the little guys to offer a show... Each side is using their people to do the dirty job... to keep the "Gov Agenda" up and running... while they do their Biz... And tbh... Good for them... Those who love to be used shall be used...
  6. HannibalBarca

    TURKEY - EGYPT Military Power Comparison

    TR is "Potentially" Stronger than EGY... Many think having your own Def industry or a bit more her and there make you defacto a winner... but it's only true if the one in front of you is either incapable of buying abroad or just flat poor/isolated/retarded... But in the end... in a war scenario...
  7. HannibalBarca

    Soon Arab Lands will be Indian Hindu States

    Just to clarify... in case some misunderstood the situation... Arabs =/= Arab Leaders...
  8. HannibalBarca

    Oil price is collapsing lmao

    WTI May contract is ending ... June is at $22ish
  9. HannibalBarca

    Failed coup general Hafter is looking for an exit after heavily defeated in southern Tripoli.

    I do remember them, We also see their "Big brothers" project among HTS and their XXL drones used to drop bomblets in surrounding bases, mostly RU/IR affiliated ones. The TB2 project is IMO the right balance btw Cheap/small and Competent on the ground. But without Miniature Bombs from Roketsan...
  10. HannibalBarca

    Failed coup general Hafter is looking for an exit after heavily defeated in southern Tripoli.

    I will add for the case of TR, concerning her Small uav is the core aspect of miniature bombs. Small Cheap UAV + Small competent cheap bombs. = Cheap UAV doctrine recipe.
  11. HannibalBarca

    Failed coup general Hafter is looking for an exit after heavily defeated in southern Tripoli.

    At least the TN border may be finally one sided before Ramadan...
  12. HannibalBarca

    Tunisia joins Haftar's side in the Libyan conflict

    When you base an entire Geopolitical "observation" on a flightradar screen... You know it's time to run... Same at it was before... Keep the border safe and keep the side taking far from it... Please keep the Childish geopolitical view far from reality... This isn't 'a game elementary...
  13. HannibalBarca

    Egyptian Armed Forces

    Yes, if EGY only went for Western/European ones... but They are also integrating Russians and Chinese syst in the mix... that can't be integrated with Western ones, therefore making them "isolated". EGY newly position in the region, pushes her to "grow" and that at any cost, even if it means no...
  14. HannibalBarca

    Egyptian Armed Forces

    Welcome to Egypt... It's the same motto across every single type of equipments... It's not just fighter jets... From Land to Air via Navy...
  15. HannibalBarca

    OMG!!! DOW CLOSES UP 2,000 POINTS!!!! Best day since 1933

    No shame in that, quite the opposite... Investors SHALL NOT be gamblers... When the syst that you base your "decision" upon isn't giving you a green light, you shouldn't continue... Those who do are no better than the guy buying a Lottery Ticket... The successful Investors in our History do not...
  16. HannibalBarca

    Why are mosques under attack in Europe? Why do the British fear Muslims?

    The problem is Ignorance... Those few didn't know better.
  17. HannibalBarca

    Hajj 2020: Saudi govt asks Pakistan not to make further commitments

    Not for SARS. And SARS was contained, and behaved a bit differently from nCov. nCov/COVID-19 is new, highly infectious, significant fatality rate and have a long incubation period. Someone can/will infect those around him for weeks the moment the virus start it's job. Added to it, the fairly...
  18. HannibalBarca

    Europe coronavirus cases and deaths

    The main issue is when saturation will occur among Health care workers... China had to send in thousands and thousands to replace those in Hubei... Something Europe can't...