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  1. Hashshāshīn

    aditi arya to represent india in "miss world" pageant

    Nothing special. I've met Indian girls myself who are better looking. Anyway she looks more Pakistani than Indian.
  2. Hashshāshīn

    Paris Under Attack

    One of these frauds was confirmed to be involved.
  3. Hashshāshīn

    Paris Under Attack

    I'm hearing reports of 160. Fu.ed up. This is surely the beginning of the end for ISIS.
  4. Hashshāshīn

    Paris Under Attack

    This is not from today. Don't spread misinformation.
  5. Hashshāshīn

    Paris Under Attack

    Kick all the fucking "refugees" out.
  6. Hashshāshīn

    Russians fear Syria becoming another Afghanistan

    Do you realise that skin colour does not determine your nationality?
  7. Hashshāshīn

    On goodwill visit to S Korea, 2 Indian Navy men grope woman

    A warm welcome from the Indians.
  8. Hashshāshīn

    Racist attack on Turkish man in UK

    Funniest thing, he's a black guy saying go back to your country and close the borders. I think he has forgotten his own history where they were enslaved for 200 years.
  9. Hashshāshīn

    Racist attack on Turkish man in UK

    You are sick. Laughing at old disabled man being attacked just because he is Turkish?
  10. Hashshāshīn

    Racist attack on Turkish man in UK

    Anyone seen this?
  11. Hashshāshīn

    2 year old girl gang raped in India

    NEW DELHI: Two minor children were gang raped in the capital on Friday evening. In the first incident, a two-and-a-half-year-old girl was raped allegedly by two men who abducted her on a motorbike from outside her house in west Delhi's Nangloi area on Friday. Neighbours found her lying...
  12. Hashshāshīn

    Turkey seeks Pakistan’s help against PKK, IS

    You can't even control Pakistan, don't worry about other countries :lol:
  13. Hashshāshīn

    Why Pakistan does not recognize to Israel ?

    hahahahhahaha mullah's wet dream
  14. Hashshāshīn

    How American women fell behind Japanese women in the workplace

    What a joke. If you're so worried about increasing the native population then go back to Japan.
  15. Hashshāshīn

    Terrorists Plan To Kill These 14 Pakistani Celebrities

    No thy shouldn't. If you don't like don't watch. This seems very hard for mullahs to understand.
  16. Hashshāshīn

    Taiwan ranks No. 13 in the world's strongest militaries: Credit Suisse

    Utter shit. Italy/SK stronger than UK hahahahahhhaahaahahahhahahahaha
  17. Hashshāshīn


    What he forgets to mention is that Zarb-e-Azb is within Pakistan's own borders so they have tried to minimalise civilian casualties. While Saudi is bombing Yemen indiscriminatingly. You forgot this stat? Decisive Storm: "Hundreds to thousands of Yemeni civilian deaths from airstrikes" ZeA...
  18. Hashshāshīn

    Literacy rate at 71% in rural India, 86 % in urban: Survey

    Yeah, it's a very poor test. I don't think you should be considered literate until write a few sentences.