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  1. PakGuns

    Hi Speed Infinity 150 bike

    I wish we could... I would have 2 ktms in my garage india have cheap bikes...
  2. PakGuns

    Hi Speed Infinity 150 bike

    the wait will be forever . ... :lol::lol:
  3. PakGuns

    Indian Forces at Nepal Border Told to be Extra Alert

    there was no india before 1947
  4. PakGuns

    China urges India to withdraw from fresh occupation by India

    irony is an Indian talking about truth.... :lol::lol::lol:
  5. PakGuns

    How one gets positive and negative ratings?

    there you go :enjoy::enjoy:
  6. PakGuns

    Battle of Umberkhind

    they have a few to cheer with let them bro... :lol:
  7. PakGuns

    Pakistani TikTok Star Bought A Luxurious Limousine From US

    if you had any idea how much GoP earn from imports of automobile you wouldn't have said that
  8. PakGuns

    How Pakistan can achieve a $1 trillion economy

    1 easy way is to document undocumented economy...
  9. PakGuns

    Pakistani current account deficit reduced from $20bn to $3bn

    I think you better thank COVID 19 for this... because we stopped importing oil for a good period of time.
  10. PakGuns

    PAF Hot Caps Over The LOC, But Where is IAF!

    that's where I find IK successful...
  11. PakGuns

    Amit Shah tests coronavirus positive, tweets is moving into hospital

    more like Corona is infected with amit shah
  12. PakGuns

    Army jawan killed in ceasefire violation by Pakistan in Jammu and Kashmir`s Poonch

    death count #1 after Rafaele arrived.... ab kaho f 22 hota tau yh na hota :enjoy:
  13. PakGuns

    Ravish Kumar exposed godi media on Rafale Media Coverage.

    bhai iska anjam bhi SUPER SUKHOI wala hoga :lol::lol:
  14. PakGuns

    Dassault Rafale, tender | News & Discussions [Thread 2]

    that's disgrace for Guinea pig bro.. they are cute :(:(:(:(:(
  15. PakGuns

    Featured China vs India Standoff Deepens as Pullback Hits Roadblock

    well sukhoi logic perfects here... Rafael that india is getting are better than f 22... :lol:
  16. PakGuns

    Investment Ideas in Pakistan with $65,000 (Rs. 1 Crore)?

    go for phase three of dreamgardens.... i think i have never seen such kind of society in Pakistan... compete with DHA easily and their plots are booked very quickly..
  17. PakGuns

    NYT: Caught Between Indian and Chinese Troops, at 15,000 Feet

    just like 300 dead in balakot to a crow and trees, a f 16 to no losses.... slowly it will come down to none of dead Chinese... :lol:
  18. PakGuns

    'Dubai-like' city to be developed near Lahore

    we have lots of baloch, pashtuns here in Lahore we don't look them any differently nor treat them differently