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    Pakistan mulling using land-route for export to Russia

    What possibly can pakistan export to russia, which India/China and rest of the world can't ? how benfitable the trade would be ? and what would be the repurcussions for Russia from india if that really happened ? Would that mean russia will gain more having a trade with pakistan ignoring india ...
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    Cat Food being sold as Mango Juice in Lahore

    I wouldnt eat anything out if i were in pakistan after reading all the lovely stories.
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    Tata truck plant near Dhaka

    Well its known to all that Idune is a ***** poster like MBIMunshi guy who do not want closer relationship between india and bangladesh, yes they are paid!
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    Indian army active at Sialkot working boundary

    I like this bit when the prepetor crying wolf. Need anything more to say ???
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    Chinese Islamic militants setting up bases in Pak

    Proof is in the article itself! well if you want a pakistani source i cant help it. And iam sure google is your best friend there are loads of information about uighurs in pakistan.
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    Chinese Islamic militants setting up bases in Pak

    If you think these people are already radicalised - well trust me you havent seen anything yet, a further wait is required for the real show to start.
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    Chinese Islamic militants setting up bases in Pak

    China is world power in paper only :pop: you cannot call a world power sitting on US dollars and we all know the intentions of US against china. The straight logic is no country cannot be a world, To be a world power in real they should have with their own economic/banking/currency/technology...
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    Chinese Islamic militants setting up bases in Pak

    So pakistan media is all great great news ???? We all see now pakistan media of taliban support policy and hate america policy have landed them nowhere but in bombings runs done by talibs created by its own govt ???? Stop being so disconnected to ground realities if you want to close your...
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    Chinese Islamic militants setting up bases in Pak

    Acutally its a fact - in ****** area you have all sorts of ethnicities, like uzbeks, algers, saudis, paks, afghans, chechans, so its not difficult for uighers to be part of them and radicalised, if that happens china would be doomed for very long time as this might also spread to tibet and even...
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    Chinese Islamic militants setting up bases in Pak

    I really understand your frustration - but its not leading you anywhere, one cannot change the ground reality and say all is well. Thats what happened in pakistan earlier now we are seeing the results - RIP the dead loss of precious lives in pakistan everyday bombings and killings. Pakistan...
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    Chinese Islamic militants setting up bases in Pak

    Well not really i was pointing towards failing state of law in pakistan if pakistan itself cant control what they created how are they gonna help chinese ? any clues i guess none. Its wise of china to do the right thing which is stay away from terror and terror breeding countries, which could...
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    Will Europe Drag Down China, And Why We Like India

    If india nd china can be super powers in 2030/2040 but according to Zaid Hamid Pakistan can be a superpower in 5 years and all the important world decisions will be made in pakistan :).
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    Chinese Islamic militants setting up bases in Pak

    china should wake up and see whats happenning before these people are radicalised.
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    Chinese Islamic militants setting up bases in Pak

    An increasing number of militants of the East Turkistan Islamic Movement fighting for separation of China's Muslim majority Xinjiang province were "fleeing to Pakistan and settling down there for future plots," a state-run newspaper reported on Monday. "According to latest reports, the ETIM...
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    First hand interview with Hafiz Saeed

    Yes he could do that - simple cuz he is a trained assasin with a public support accross the border
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    India tests Astra BVRAAM

    Only 20 km is tail chase ?
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    Separatist Insurgencies in India - News and Discussions.

    Indian police is getting to leadership now which is a good thing, Arun dati roy is paid agent of chinese.
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    Army to induct 'offensive' corps along China border

    GOI has to realise china can't afford or Can't fight with india for many reasons. 1) As pointed out by our fellow member - there is lot of unrest between chinese and the communist regime, 2) Tibet is major foreign media attraction 3) Uighurs are treated shabbily in case of war countries who...
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    China vs India -- from Japan's point of view

    Mike thinking only oil is the natural resourse available would be naive - there are selfish reasons for countries not exploiting available natural resources like one in the video and you could also google styn myers water car. Having said that i conclude china and india should work together...
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    China vs India -- from Japan's point of view

    Hi mike good points but u forget one thing, oil is means to control the world if oil runs out there are lots of other ways to kick the countries ticking, check this video of nikola tesla one of my fvs its worth 46 mins of your life The Missing Secrets Of Nikola Tesla