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  1. graphican

    DCS thread

    JF-17 is kicking ars of F-15 in dogfight and WVR.
  2. graphican

    Featured Indian court acquits all accused in Babri mosque demolition case

    In the memory of gone secular India, this incident is the gravestone. Can you imagine criminals be released because they were Hindus? Especially because they were caught instigating and destroying a non-Hindu place of worship? Now flip this question, imagine 32 Muslims had destroyed a Hindu...
  3. graphican

    Featured NAB arrests Shehbaz Sharif in money laundering case

    Shahbaz is meant to lead PML(S). He will come out as he was allowed before. He just need to stop wagging his tail to Nawaz.
  4. graphican

    JF-17 Thunder Multirole Fighter [Thread 7]

    Why does this area looks burnt as if it was red hot?
  5. graphican

    Armin Navabi, who posted insulting pics of kali and insulting tweets on hinduism ,banned from twitter

    No religion or belief system should be insulted. You cannot convert someone by hating their faith.
  6. graphican

    Featured Pakistan might approach FAFT against India for suspicious transaction of $1 billion

    Here is the irrefutable evidence coming from international organisations, we have Kulbhushan Jhadev and Modi's own admissions about the insurgency in Baluchistan. All dots connect - and confirm India's dirty hand. Hand-cuff the lady, please.
  7. graphican

    Featured 44 Indian Banks involved in money laundering - FinCEN Reveals

    An interesting analysis by Tariq Ismail Sagar.
  8. graphican

    Talal chaudhry with multiple fractures

    An unfortunate journey: From Tallal Choudhy to Tallal Choat-re. (Choat = hurt in Urdu)
  9. graphican

    Featured 44 Indian Banks involved in money laundering - FinCEN Reveals

    44 Banks is a big number and will be a reason of concern for the world. Since Pakitan is about to leave, India is invited to join FATS' Grey List.
  10. graphican

    Featured Pakistan opposes India’s demand for UNSC seat

    India is in dispute with two relevant and powerful neighboring states; Pakistan and China. Arabs cannot oil Indians enough to help them slip through.
  11. graphican

    Featured India Setting Up A New Complex To Develop A 110 kN Fighter Jet Engine

    "Since you are not ready to build a small wonder, you must initiate an even bigger one". An excerpt from the book of Indian Principles: Being Indian - by Narendra Modi. A journalist dared to ask: what will it take to be successful and produce a 110KN thrust engine? Modi answered: A patriotic...
  12. graphican

    Featured Pakistan opposes India’s demand for UNSC seat

    India cannot get Security Counsel seat until it has border disputes with neighbors.
  13. graphican

    Modi addressing UNGA makes no mention of Pakistan or China

    We see, this is how burnt and helpless Indians passify themselves. India gives no importance to Imran Khan? Yep we saw that bit too when your media went Indian after IK spoke ;)
  14. graphican

    Modi addressing UNGA makes no mention of Pakistan or China

    Despite losing territory and soldiers, despite being dragged by Pakistan on the global stage, Modi is too weak to speak against its enemies. And you accept it or not, India has already lost a "two-front-war" against these countries.
  15. graphican

    Indian drone development, procurement , news and updates .

    The same drones were asked by Pakistan when fighting terrorism, and USA refused. You can clearly see if USA was against terrorism in Pakistan or in support of it.
  16. graphican

    Featured NAB summons Fazl in assets beyond means inquiry

    Does he have a bigger following then Altaf Hussain? NAB or NO-NAB, Pakistan is ready to uproot all diseased plants and their roots.
  17. graphican

    Featured Two Pakistani soldiers martyred in Indian firing along LoC

    Something happened in Indian occupied Kashmir last night. Watch this Haqeeqat TV video in which a Kashmiri lady got off alive call because there was a big explosion that also caused an earthquake. Pakistan may have conducted an operation across border and Indian may be responding in frustration...
  18. graphican

    Featured After Rejecting Indian F16 Claim, Christine Fair holds Afghanistan responsible for Mess in the Region

    This lady is awake. Check if she has stopped drinking or upgraded to Ice?
  19. graphican

    Army commanders of India, China hold over 12-hour-long talks to ease Ladakh standoff

    India is willing to concede territory if China withdraws back. China is looking to gain the same territory without disengagement. In either case India knows it will loose but one solution brings the risk of war down and makes Indian look "winners".
  20. graphican

    Featured Rafale jets conduct 'familiarisation sorties' over Ladakh

    Pakistan and China can make an entire Nation moan by shooting one freaking jet - Rafale!