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  1. A.Rahman

    Media's irresponsible behaviour toward farishta case .

    Heard about it so sad. Lot of children rapes and kidnapping happening in Pakistan. Don’t let them go out alone, accompany them. Carry a weapon if you can.
  2. A.Rahman

    Going to Pakistan. Need advice.

    hey guys, Old member, going to pak after long time for a visit to Karachi. Please recommend any places for sightseeing. Also any restaurants ? What kind of security precautions to take? Also, looking to get a handgun for self defence there. As I own couple here. What is the procedure to get...
  3. A.Rahman

    Nuclear weapons: how foreign hotspots could test Trump's finger on the trigger

    China is where American consumer goods come from. They would have revolution on their hands if they don't get cheap TV or XBox. Have you seen black friday videos lately?:woot:
  4. A.Rahman

    Blue passport holders face stricter UAE visa regime

    With the rise of ultra right in EU and US. Their days are numbered.
  5. A.Rahman

    USA general threaten to destroy Russia

    When Trump can run for presidency, such people can also become general.
  6. A.Rahman

    Cow urine now a saffron weapon against 'love jihad'

    Get those supersoakers ready :lol:
  7. A.Rahman

    Dozens of Afghan troops missing from military training in U.S.

    Canada got generous welfare system, free education and health care. The downside is that People are highly taxed to fund these programs.
  8. A.Rahman

    Any members from old era active here?

    @TOPGUN @Owais @A1Kaid . Had good discussions back in a day. Yes, poor thing haven't been fed in 10 years.
  9. A.Rahman

    Any members from old era active here?

    Dropping by to say hi. yes, Still alive and kicking.
  10. A.Rahman

    There were no surgical strikes on LoC: UN monitoring mission (UNMOGIP)

    Modi trying to score brownie points with voters, was it worth 14 dead soldiers? Indians should be asking this question instead of worrying about ISI trained pegion.
  11. A.Rahman

    Why India will be the next superpower?

    India should concentrate on providing people with basic needs
  12. A.Rahman

    Explosive investigation by NewYork Times into Axact : The company behind BOL

    I am John Kerry. and I approve this message .... i mean degree :lol:
  13. A.Rahman

    British army aims to recruit more Muslims after worries over low numbers

    Why die for rich white politician who sends his kids to law school but asks poor and Muslims to be canon fodder for his political goal. Muslims in Britain are smart for not falling for this propaganda.
  14. A.Rahman

    ‘Modi may engage with Pak.'

    Its not rocket science, kashmiris don't wanna live under occupation. Indians will loose if there is referendum tomorrow. Pretty ironic for so called world largest democracy.
  15. A.Rahman

    Running out of time: Fearing prosecution, Afghan refugees look towards home

    Now if west was doing same to Pakistanis due to terrorism or being security threat. Most posters would be singing different tune.
  16. A.Rahman

    Eid al-Adha Mubarak!!!

    Eid Mubarak. From old member. Just dropping by......
  17. A.Rahman

    India: Six year old girl raped by teenager neighbor in Delhi

    The other day, I heard some kid went to school in US and started shooting people. wtf is world coming to!?
  18. A.Rahman

    Governor Punjab, Salman Taseer, Killed.

    Ppl are dying everyday in drone attacks without the proof of guilt
  19. A.Rahman

    Governor Punjab, Salman Taseer, Killed.

    because he is the ruler of "Islamic Republic of Pakistan"