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    Bangladesh Military prepares for a WAR against Myanmar

    I made a quick check of military of both sides.. and looks like Myanmar has got a slight edge on numerical and quality superiority ... don't know though what will be the actual case in the case of a conflict.. mostly .. it will be BD's disadvantage.. Bengali's are not good fighters as such...
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    Chinese built and launched Nigerian satellite lost in Space

    Chinese launched Nigeria satellite lost in Space BBC NEWS | Africa | Nigerian satellite fails in space THISDAY ONLINE / Nigeria news / African views on global news go thru the comments by Nigerian on Chinese product quality... :lol:
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    Indian Navy Anti-Piracy Efforts

    what a crap .. they just collected the still photos and did a horrible job of editing .. .. looks like they gave the editing software to a kid... .. the news channels are so crappy... !!!!!
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    Downsizing Pakistan's Military

    that's a little over ambitious ...whenever Economy is down the big investments on green projects go down..also since Oil prices have fallen big time.. that big thrust towards electric cars will take a back seat for the time being...as a matter of fact as the current things stand ..we might not...
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    Downsizing Pakistan's Military

    The point that i wanted to make is that much of Russia's current muscle power and arm flexing across Ocean was riding on Billion that they were earning from Oil... . now since Oil price has dropped from $147 to $57 within couple of month, much that chest beating will evaporate within days
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    Downsizing Pakistan's Military

    I believe it is already below $60 a barrel....
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    Afghanistan: India packing its bags?

    for so many years.. Pakistan was engaged and still engaged in proxy war in Kashmir and now even if India is engaged in same ol dirty tricks in Afghanistan against Pakistan .. you guys have started whining... you are just being played with your games... why don't fight that instead of being cry...
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    Afghanistan: India packing its bags?

    Just like every pakistanis living in Nepal or for that matter Bangladesh would then be treated as threat to India and should be "killed"
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    An Artist in Exile Tests India’s Democratic Ideals

    wow.....what is your exact age Mr. Munshi.. ? and do u check your blood pressure regularly...
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    An Artist in Exile Tests India’s Democratic Ideals

    this MBI guy is serious fun.. i occasionally read thru his "postings" to get some stress busting... :enjoy:... I will paint Mohammad .. and then .. Mullahs will pounce upon us and if Hussain paint naked Hindu Goddess .. hindus extremists will just be fine..? which part of the world and what...
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    Downsizing Pakistan's Military

    They can make Pakistan, do same, what USA made Pakistan do with russians, a reason heavy upon all others. can you elaborate on this? and I am surprised to see you conveniently ignoring the Chechnya issue.. how can you be so Short Memoried?
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    China slammed India FM's claims

    he he .. you are on a high.... ... isnt it strange that India still continues to exist .. and insallah will inspire your future generations to ask the same question that you are asking now....
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    Downsizing Pakistan's Military

    that is exactly what is meant by your post when u said .. what US did with Pakistan's help ..Russia can do the same...... ... Moreover what happened to Russia's treatment of Chechnya and muslim Brotherhood... Russia had bitter experiences of Pakistani Mujaheddin in Chechnya as well.....
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    Afghanistan: India packing its bags?

    Kill every Indian in Afganistan..? wow .. pretty impressive... when Pakistanis getting killed .. u have a different... definitions of terrorist... and when innocent Indians getting killed they are all a part of freedom fights... ... and policy spawned..? get real... we are all part of...
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    Downsizing Pakistan's Military

    With Oil Prices down to $60 a barrel and collapse of Russian Stock Market I don't see the new found wealth of Russia being of use for much longer..... practically Russia still exports a huge sum of weapon systems to India... and on a sheer numerical terms it will not be possible for Pakistan to...
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    Indian Acquisition of Russian Akula

    Major setback to India's plan to lease the Russian Nuclear Sub... .. Russia: More than 20 dead in nuclear sub accident - CNN.com
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    Only in Pakistan

    these are from Bangladesh.. during one of their religious festival.. I clearly remember this seeing in the newspaper.. ....u can see the image pasted in the post just before this one.. one bangladeshi flag is been waived... and it is same .. bridge... for all the three pictures..
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    Royal wedding at Aiwan-E-Sadar

    How can a presidential palace be used for private parties..? don't let me think they have started putting them up for rent... ..
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    Bangladeshi Army Chief on 6-day visit to Pakistan

    Yes Yes.. I am from Raw... he he he he he :chilli: