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  1. airbus101

    JF-17 Thunder Multirole Fighter [Thread 7]

    Paf Posted this video
  2. airbus101

    Option for new PAF BVR

    The Future of BVRs will be changing in the future as the new 5th Gen A/C will be the part of Airforces.. Good info on these Missiles
  3. airbus101

    JF-17 Block-3 -- Updates, News & Discussion

    can anyone post the link for the program please
  4. airbus101

    Pakistan Navy | News & Discussions.

    Clearly two different a/c inducted or is it just for the photo op..
  5. airbus101

    cold response to cold start doctrine

    Here are my thoughts... whats going on these days and how its related to Indian Cold Start Doctrine.
  6. airbus101

    How to use this forum?

    Dear you deleted my post and warned me, can i ask why? i post my youtube videos. tell me whats wrong with that? i want to post more. is it... 1: I cannot post videos (at all)? 2: i cannot start a new thread with video? 3: i can post a video in already relevant thread? please clear me. Dear you...