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  1. Esfand

    Will there be a final nuclear agreement? (with poll)

    What do you believe yourself?
  2. Esfand

    Iranian Tribes Stage Joint Wargame

    Wow, sounds very exotic
  3. Esfand

    Iranian Tribes Stage Joint Wargame

    What tribe is the guy in the middle from?
  4. Esfand

    How Do You View America?

    I think many people are positive to the country and people of America, but dislike some of the policies of the nation. And vice versa.
  5. Esfand

    Shocked at Gaza school ruins, Ban urges probe

    "Ban"? It's Mr. Ki-Moon to you!
  6. Esfand

    Iranian Chill Thread

    Guys, I heard there were protests in Tehran, Tabriz and Mahabad supporting the people of Kobanê?
  7. Esfand

    The Militarization of Post-Khomeini Iran: Praetorianism 2.0

    @ResurgentIran What is your opinion? Is it good or bad?
  8. Esfand

    Iranian Chill Thread

    @New Unfortunately not many people here seem to care about it at all, it saddens me deeply and frustrates me. Come on guys, wtf?
  9. Esfand

    Iranian Chill Thread

    Sorry, but if you see such a car in Iran, you know the owner is doing business with the wrong kind of people.
  10. Esfand

    Iran sports thread

    Here is news from the wrestling world, Iran just became greco-roman world champions: 2014 World Wrestling Championships - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  11. Esfand

    Iranian Chill Thread

    I've also told him several times to install it. Anyway, he is a fun and nice guy, so we laugh at it together
  12. Esfand

    Iranian Chill Thread

    It's actually a little embarassing sometimes, when I am sitting with a co-worker and these personalized ads pop up on his machine. They are mostly on losing weight etc. and he is kinda big, lol.
  13. Esfand

    Iranian Chill Thread

    Was there water at 33 pol?
  14. Esfand

    Poetry of the Farsis

    Yes, Iranians have a deep history of lyrics and poetry. Look at people like Ganjavi, Rumi, Hafez, etc...
  15. Esfand

    Iranian Chill Thread

    bring me back a soghati, otherwise vaghean behem bar mikhore
  16. Esfand

    Iranian Chill Thread

    I'm sick and lying in my bed, can you guys recommend some good movies to watch?
  17. Esfand

    [Gallery] This paradise is called Iran

    That makes me so mad
  18. Esfand

    Yemen Asks for Iran's Mediation to Prevent Spread of Popular Protests to Sana'a

    "The Yemeni government has asked Oman to persuade Iran" ?! Why do they need to go through Oman to reach Iran?
  19. Esfand

    Iranian Chill Thread

    @ای ایران RIP
  20. Esfand

    Need insight of Iranians on this. Iranians, please help

    I don't think Iranians are doing anything that people in Turkey, Hungary, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, .... aren't doing either. In our privacy, we are not that different....