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  1. 21st Century Vampire

    Pakistan’s PL-15 Missile Equipped JF-17 Block 3 is a Serious Game Changer - How India Can Respond to

    MK1 was planned to be integrated with the Su-30MKI fleet along the I-Derby ER way before you posted this and a deal for 200/+ (both with AGAT and Indian seekers) was already at work in 2019 (248 cleared for procurement in July this year), clearly all info obviously hinted towards a short run...
  2. 21st Century Vampire

    The Concept of Pakistan in the Vedas

    I'll explain it again in a different way this time to make it easy but conclusion is still the same...it depends on the context, there's a reason some sects of Gnosticism is sometimes called gnostic christianity because it first of all builds upon and secondly differs/adds to the primary source...
  3. 21st Century Vampire

    The Concept of Pakistan in the Vedas

    When exactly did i say they are not Hindu? They are part of the hindu scriptural corpus but we have internal differences within the corpus...it's simple logic..., you admitted that additions were made then clearly hinduism as a whole was in a different morphology before the additions How...
  4. 21st Century Vampire

    The Concept of Pakistan in the Vedas

    He thought i meant a linear mutation, i didn't mean it that way there were certainly external factors directly involved and included in the vicissitude/mutation/divergence You're looking at things from a hindu's theological lens, from a Skeptical point of view the Puranas came later and...
  5. 21st Century Vampire

    The Concept of Pakistan in the Vedas

    @masterchief_mirza @Pan-Islamic-Pakistan I guess you guys are having a late night chai (i recommend Yorkshire). Case in point my arguments are simple and was/has focused on two simple parts, 1)we're talking about the Vedas, 2) a survey of the vedic enemy tribes puts most (keyword) of them on...
  6. 21st Century Vampire

    The Concept of Pakistan in the Vedas

    Strabo mentions it around the 1st century Correct, hindus are still debating in present days (at a small scale) about the legitimacy of puranic gods (shiva, durga, saraswati even krishna as an avatar and so on), it clearly shows a mutation happened for example compare Indra of the Vedas with...
  7. 21st Century Vampire

    The Concept of Pakistan in the Vedas

    So he upvoted two posts with no historical evidence and made a counter point that the article has no historical basis, i guess that's some form of Reductio ad absurdum 2 quick additional points before going back to my college assignment, to respond to all (relevant) points including historical...
  8. 21st Century Vampire

    The Concept of Pakistan in the Vedas

    As a side note to everyone, bring something factual instead of ad hominem (someone already did) and don't run away from counter points with ridiculous excuses (same person already planned it because he saw my counter points and realized his intelligence is too lower than mine to be able to deal...
  9. 21st Century Vampire

    The Concept of Pakistan in the Vedas

    Not taken nor you're obligated to reply to a quote you can keep discussing :) Norms and opinions changes with time and people tend to be unfair with history (unintentionally most of the time) , if you're not unfair then that's good but it's everyone's duty to clear misconceptions if they...
  10. 21st Century Vampire

    The Concept of Pakistan in the Vedas

    It wasn't restricted to India...to be fair
  11. 21st Century Vampire

    The Concept of Pakistan in the Vedas

    I've read studies of it and i can say for sure that it's something unproven from all theories i've gathered, the real location of Brahmavarta isn't definitively known and whatever we have is unconvincing and speculative especially the recent theory about the saraswati river due to a lack of...
  12. 21st Century Vampire

    Toyota with tank tracks

    It was new for me. i checked out some commercial ones the same day.....prices looks good but useless to use them in my country....mobility looks great
  13. 21st Century Vampire

    Toyota with tank tracks

    I initially assumed that it was for moving through bombed urban areas where there are debris and damaged roads ISIS faced this issue in Raqqa where roads and buildings were strategically bombed to block SVBIEDs and they found it hard to move their lower tier SVBIEDs
  14. 21st Century Vampire

    Indian Army Infantrymen shooting new SIG 716

    That's because he's burst firing, in the first video the recoil is clearly good (on par or better than some 7.62 out there) at semi automatic that's why there's a reason the Sig 716 is known for excellent accuracy at 900 yards [best one i read is among the many (1.5 - 1 MOA on average) is...
  15. 21st Century Vampire

    Featured 248 ASTRA Missiles Ordered For IN & IAF Fighters

    it was shortlisted in 2014 and approved for exports in July this year by the defence ministry
  16. 21st Century Vampire

    Sure bro

    Sure bro
  17. 21st Century Vampire

    IAF night flies Chinook over DBO as PLA ramps up troops in Aksai Chin

    It has larger ambitions which is part of a larger war due to the conflicting ambitions of the west, india is more like a giant hurdle which the west will obviously strategically take advantage of to enervate or even subjugate the chinese that's why one of the reasons they want a stronger...
  18. 21st Century Vampire

    CSSPR-CASS One-Day Conference: Deconstructing Balakot Strikes

    So? It doesn't support your assertion about CSD at all plus IBGs are part of the CSD Wrong, it was acknowledged pretty recently 3 years ago by Rawat and clearly CSD has tactically evolved (e.g IBGs which seems more like an tactical extension) while retaining it's philosophy
  19. 21st Century Vampire

    Rafales or No Rafales– Chinese Designer Explains Why Stealth, 5th Gen J-20 Jet Beats Everyone Around

    S2? No US stealth fighter was downed by any pantsir S-2 nor such claim was ever made in the first place Were you talking about the downing of a F-117 Nighthawk? If "yes" then you're wrong it's called the S-125 Were you talking about the F-35? If "yes" then again you're wrong, It's called the...