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  1. shi12jun

    Xi Jinping reveals the amount of aid to Xinjiang

    These anti-China dogs bark harder, indicating that China is doing well.
  2. shi12jun

    Xi Jinping reveals the amount of aid to Xinjiang

    The so-called anti-China and anti-Communist forces in the West against China show that China has done the right thing. Don't take this garbage seriously and be confident.
  3. shi12jun

    U.S. Covid-19 death toll surpasses 200,000

    Congratulations to America
  4. shi12jun

    China launches a new satellite to monitor ocean environment on September 21, 2020

    China releases satellites every day, and some Vietnamese monkeys brag every day and they never see their country release a satellite hahaha
  5. shi12jun

    Indonesia's first high-speed-railway built by Chinese, local firms

    :omghaha: :omghaha: :omghaha: :omghaha: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  6. shi12jun

    India Reports Nearly 100,000 New COVID Cases in 1 Day

    Congratulations to India, India is a superpower
  7. shi12jun

    ‘India had far more Covid cases than official count’

    Come on India, break 1.3 billion diagnoses as soon as possible
  8. shi12jun

    China COUP: Nervous President Xi Jinping looking over shoulder with 'militant approach'

    Indians with low IQ are dreaming, haha, 95% of Xi Jinping in China support him. coup? Are you funny? Haha
  9. shi12jun

    Covid 19- China Is Avoiding Blame by Trolling the World

  10. shi12jun

    OPINION: Xi Jinping's Shameless Coronavirus Victory Speech is a Heartless Insult

    Congratulations to India for the early diagnosis of over 10 million. Go on Indian superpower!
  11. shi12jun

    Why China will be the biggest COVID-19 loser

    Indians with low IQ, funny fake news
  12. shi12jun

    1,133 Record Covid Deaths In India In 24 Hours, 75,809 Cases

    Congratulations to India on becoming a world champion
  13. shi12jun

    Fact : China's economy 'would collapse' without Australia's iron ore

    China collapsed again? Hahaha, mentally handicapped Indian