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  1. Proudpakistaniguy

    Coronavirus latest news: Boris Johnson announces three-week UK lockdown

    There is no clarity " Travelling to and from work , only if absolutely necessary " so that mean people will keep working if they cannot do their work from home and will be using public transport
  2. Proudpakistaniguy

    Coronavirus shocking revelations: Conspiracy Theorists Welcome

    coronavirus is a different disease, with a different incubation period, transmissibility and symptom severity and school/pubs/restaurants/cinema closures are a common tool that public health officials use to slow or halt the spread of contagious diseases. You dont need to watch movies to take...
  3. Proudpakistaniguy

    Coronavirus shocking revelations: Conspiracy Theorists Welcome

    Virus in movie was originated from hong kong and the virus in this movie engulfs the CNS and people eventually die of seizures and CNS collapse whereas in corona virus the death is due to pulmonary failure. This movie was inspired by sars the previous outbreaks in china back in 2003 .You also...
  4. Proudpakistaniguy

    PM Imran Khan opens Pak-Afghan border amid Covid-19 outbreak

    Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday directed to open the border with Afghanistan to allow crossing over of trucks "to support Afghan brothers and sisters" amid the Covid-19 pandemic. In his tweet, the prime minister said: "Despite global pandemic of Covid-19, we remain committed to supporting...
  5. Proudpakistaniguy

    Hundreds of Hindus hold a cow urine drinking party to fight off coronavirus

    A leader from India's north eastern state of Assam told state lawmakers earlier this month during an assembly session that cow urine and cow dung can be used to treat the coronavirus. On Saturday, the country declared COVID-19 as a 'notified disaster' which would enable the country to provide...
  6. Proudpakistaniguy

    Anyone suffering from coronavirus?

    Is this expensive to test people for coronavirus? NHS is not interested in testing unless you travelled to/ from certain countries but they dont realize that you may not be outisde Uk but still come across people who has this virus and i believe we have great number of people with this virus...
  7. Proudpakistaniguy

    Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2020

    This is why Hasan ali is not performing well and getting back Injuries
  8. Proudpakistaniguy

    Khalil ur Rahman Qamar Vs Marvi Sarmad

    Marvi Sarmad : Mera jism meri marzi Khalil ur RahmN: Meri Zubaan meri marzi :D
  9. Proudpakistaniguy

    Mushfiqur Rahim contract-bound to play in Pakistan - BCB chief Nazmul Hassan

    As a contracted cricketer, Mushfiqur Rahim is expected to accept the BCB's instructions AFP BCB president Nazmul Hassan has told Mushfiqur Rahim that he was contract-bound to travel to Pakistan for the one-off ODI and second Test in Karachi - the last leg of a three-part tour - in April, saying...
  10. Proudpakistaniguy

    LHC to hear arguments on petition against holding of Aurat March

    If aurat march has sensible posters addressing real issues of woman i.e domestic violence, rape, double standards of society ,dowry forced marriages, stupid non Islamic traditions and jirga justice etc then even men would be supporting this march and be part of it. Also mostly woman who suffered...
  11. Proudpakistaniguy

    LHC to hear arguments on petition against holding of Aurat March

    Published Feb 25, 2020 07:04am LHC moved for permanent ban on Aurat March WAJIH AHMAD SHEIKH LAHORE: Lahore High Court Chief Justice Mamoon Rashid Sheikh on Monday issued notices to the federal and provincial governments on an application seeking a permanent ban on upcoming ‘Aurat March’ for...
  12. Proudpakistaniguy

    PM Modi: Who is Dolan Trump?

    Punjabi main tu kuch aur bunta ha lol Dho(2) Lun TrUmp
  13. Proudpakistaniguy

    PSL 2020 ANTHEMS

    Idiots fighting over PSL songs. Ali azmat is stupid to blame others( Indirectly Ali zafar) for 68K dislike on his PSL song..i personally found tayar hain as worst psl song so far
  14. Proudpakistaniguy

    Punjabiat Zindabad

    No injustice . I am photohari and i love punjabi and all dialect of it be it saraiki, Hindko,. I even love Pashto and Balochi. These are all beautiful languages of Pakistan.
  15. Proudpakistaniguy

    Punjabi actor/Singer Gippy Grewal interview after Visiting Pakistan

    and Pakistani roads are much better and tidy than roads in India.