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  1. black_magic pk

    You might be addicted to PDF if

    oooh so ur case, hmm
  2. black_magic pk

    Pakistan Day Parade 2011

    what about zerdari 10% cut from the army for holding the parade???
  3. black_magic pk

    New year gift from Government Petrol prices increased

    thts why aqal comes first in pakistan's case..:lol:, u have pakistan, bangladesh, china, srilanka, nepal, barma to deal with
  4. black_magic pk

    New year gift from Government Petrol prices increased

    still every pakistani is surprised that, inspite of serving the nation, this party for common and poor labour class people can spend on the death anniversary of its leaders, shame on this lotera party.. shame on the dog!!
  5. black_magic pk

    Why am I hating America everyday more?

    its natural buddy, they came as allies(we didnt know their threatening part then) and then they started to attack us who are allied with them, let me give an example, its like a person who has pledged never to harm one suddenly back stabs you, and you cant retaliateand because of which you...
  6. black_magic pk

    creating peace and getting rid of mess

    hello mods, i love this forum and im worrying where its heading... in past few weaks, the trolling of indian members have been intensified, they are now swarming the forum and openly using abusive languages to troll on pakistan and islam. countless indians are using false flags to hide their...
  7. black_magic pk

    Indian Army planted fake IEDs in Kashmir to get cash rewards

    here we go :hitwall::hitwall::disagree:
  8. black_magic pk

    Shutter down strike over blasphemy issue

    mr turkey doesnt like the ways of pakistanis???
  9. black_magic pk

    India plans to procure 22 AH-64D Block III Apache Helicopters

    b*tching with USA now :rofl::rofl::rofl:
  10. black_magic pk

    RAZA.com gets SRK to do Advertisment

    what is raza.com, and why is it not raja.com in the first place..???
  11. black_magic pk

    Your favorite English songs

    if they make english songs, pakistani music pakistani na rahe ge!! pakistan music needs right patronization to be world famous not just amreeka dari
  12. black_magic pk

    Israel sees gradual increase in Indian steps against Iran

    lol??, and what is some huge stuff between iran and india and wht india has to offer??AIDS? that india boast abt its relations lol???, as we know, iran just condemned india n kashmir issue, and as india is also a pawn of israel and USA, india cant have a good relation with iran in near future...
  13. black_magic pk

    Shutter down strike over blasphemy issue

    pakistan needs good governance, more influence of common pakistani in govt then these 5% tabqa.
  14. black_magic pk

    Atif Aslam wins top award

    i dont like this guy!!!!!!!!!
  15. black_magic pk

    Pakistan-born spinner eligible for South Africa

    he is already 31 lollzz
  16. black_magic pk


    its better YouTube - Kaisay Mumkin Hai, Karavan - Coke Studio ---------- Post added at 01:04 AM ---------- Previous post was at 01:04 AM ---------- :rofl::rofl: after new yr party.. but these goras actually wished happy new yr all the tym while being drunk :rofl:, whts big deal of new yr...
  17. black_magic pk


    :rofl::rofl::rofl: coincidence wow and thts what exactly we were discussing last night..
  18. black_magic pk

    Israel sees gradual increase in Indian steps against Iran

    not they are still acting like they have a better army and security in the region, while it is the most pain in the arse shitty country.. just look at their attitude on blaming their terrorist attack on pakistan and issuing ninsense statements like raiding pakistan..
  19. black_magic pk


    why we muslims celebrate new year like its our festival, it is only a western festival!!! btw had a really good party near london eye, nice fire works..
  20. black_magic pk

    China makes Skype illegal

    china is getting rid of western products, what say??, western products always come with bugs installed.