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  1. CanadianPad

    Stupid & Funny from Around the World :Continued

    I like the Punjabi version of it.
  2. CanadianPad

    Pakistan Air Force 2013 Calendar

    Hi... subanday & airomix. Do post some pics?
  3. CanadianPad

    Pakistan Air Force 2013 Calendar

    I haven't seen the new 2013 PAF calendar on Defence.pk. Did i miss that thread. If one exists can someone point me to it.
  4. CanadianPad

    Pakistan F-16 Discussions 2

    Looks like pyrotechnics. Seems like an air show. It is at an airport with other aircraft also parked near by.
  5. CanadianPad

    Stupid and funny from all over the world - II

    you can shoot them down also.
  6. CanadianPad

    Stupid and funny from all over the world - II

    Type "zerg rush" in Google search and watch what happens.
  7. CanadianPad

    How to become junior commissioned officer in indian army

    LOL.... this is too funny. How to join indian Army thread on Pak Def. I am sure there are other Indian Forums for these kind of things.
  8. CanadianPad


    I would say that PIA does not have any money. Its broke. The reason this deal is made is because of "$700 million credit" that this firm will provide.
  9. CanadianPad

    Eid-ul-Fitr Mubarak - 2011!

    Eid Mubarak to all but accrding to this site, it is not possible that the moon could be sighted in Pakistan. Either the site is wrong or something else...... Moonsighting.com
  10. CanadianPad

    Farewell To The Fantan

    I doubt if that is a HUD. Maybe just a gun sight.
  11. CanadianPad

    Sonic boom

    If there is any doubt then this video will clear it about sonic boom.
  12. CanadianPad

    Where are AMRAAM's or SD-10

    Not the kind of answer i was looking for but thanks anyway.
  13. CanadianPad

    Where are AMRAAM's or SD-10

    I have seen on F-16 induction pictures a couple of AMRAAM on it but not in any other pic. I have seen SD-10 at Farnborough next to JF-17 but not in any other pic. Could be dummy missile. Do we have them? or still waiting for delivery?
  14. CanadianPad

    Introduction to ROTC

    one question for you.....are you a US citizen?
  15. CanadianPad

    U.S. joins ranks of failed states

    Pak is #10 on failed states. http://www.foreignpolicy.com/articles/2009/06/22/2009_failed_states_index_interactive_map_and_rankings
  16. CanadianPad

    Will Pakistan be able to make a Fighter

    IMO, Building an aircraft does not matter. What matters is the avionics and radar. Look at Bison. It is old technology with new avionics/radar/jammer and it is deadly. If Pak focuses on radar and avionics in the next 10-15 years and come up with something then it will be great. That...
  17. CanadianPad

    Concept Design of a CAS Aircraft For The Needs Of Pakistan Military

    call me old fashioned.... but for Kashmir and Taliban terrain and threats... we need something like the A-1Skyraider.
  18. CanadianPad

    F22 production has ended.

    WASHINGTON – The Senate voted to terminate further production of the Air Force's topline F-22 fighter jets Tuesday, giving President Barack Obama a major spending victory and siding with the Pentagon's desire for smaller jets better suited to 21st century wars. Obama wins fight to limit...