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  1. raja hindustani

    India now world's fifth largest car manufacturer

    NEW DELHI: With over 25.7 lakh cars manufactured in 2016 till date, India has overtaken South Korea to stand fifth in the list of world's largest carmakers. The countries which are ahead of India are Germany, Japan, the USA and China. Last year, South Korea manufactured 45.5 lakh cars while...
  2. raja hindustani

    Excerpt from a MBT Arjun vs T90 Tank Audit

    Here is something i found on the internet.
  3. raja hindustani

    Our Indian headache

    Here is an article i found on Tribune. I would like to get your views on it. By the time these lines reach you, I am sure you would have read a host of pieces on the cruelty and barbarity of the Peshawar School massacre. Let me then express my heartfelt sorrow and move on to a byproduct of the...
  4. raja hindustani

    Pakistani Christians Burned Alive Were Attacked by 1,200 People: Kin

    ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — A mob accused of burning alive a Christian couple in an industrial kiln in Pakistan allegedly wrapped a pregnant mother in cotton so she would catch fire more easily, according to family members who witnessed the attack. Sajjad Maseeh, 27, and his wife Shama Bibi, 24, were...
  5. raja hindustani

    Japan gets contract to build strategeic roads on Indo-China border

    The overstretched Border Road Organisation (BRO) has been taken off from building and maintaining 40 per cent of the roads falling under its jurisdiction. Japanese have been given the job to make strategic roads, mostly bordering China. In a meeting with Japan International Corporation Agency...
  6. raja hindustani

    Nervous Chinese officials search pigeon anuses for bombs

    I found this article with an amusing title while browsing reddit today. Nervous Chinese officials search pigeon anuses for bombs | The Verge