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  1. Yasir 99

    Muje dushman k bachon ko parhaana hai

    Muje dushman k bachon ko parhaana hai
  2. Yasir 99

    Never Forget, APS- 16.December.2014

    green day 16 12 15 (onwards)
  3. Yasir 99

    Pakistan conducts successful test launch of Shaheen-III missile

    Can anybody show manners here.i have failed to se manners on this forum .everyone have their opinion so plz behave and show that you are not "parhay likhe jaahil" ,educated illitrate
  4. Yasir 99

    Saudi Arabia announces formation of Islamic military coalition of 34 States.

    there is something called manners do anyone posses it bcz i cannot see it
  5. Yasir 99

    PAF female pilot embraced Shahadat as plane crashed

  6. Yasir 99

    Please all respect Pakistani Members i want your views on this !

    by the way who told DAWN about dossiers >!!!!!!!!!
  7. Yasir 99

    PAF Chief flies the Typhoon

    do anyone know what sqadrons are deployed ad smungli airbase.cuz i m seeing jf 17 and miraage here often
  8. Yasir 99

    China announces troop cut, showcases military might

    BEIJING: China announced on Thursday it would cut 300,000 troops to streamline its vast army, at a spectacular WWII anniversary parade where it put its military might on display but pledged to work for world peace. As he presided over an unmistakable show of firepower that included the...
  9. Yasir 99

    The Story of Indian Army's "Cowardice and Panic" in 1965 By R.D. Pradhan

    yeah that is what u do the role of india in mukhti bani and making of bangladesh is not "dhaka chupa".attacking from back is rule of cowards not brave people
  10. Yasir 99

    Happy Independence Day 2015

  11. Yasir 99

    'Pakistan's Nasr missile is the most dangerous development in South Asia'

    this thread was for discussion not to fight like children.secondly donot make any statements like pak will not use it in real war senerio etc.this will strt a fight of words.
  12. Yasir 99

    Udhampur attacker is resident of Indian Occupied Kashmir

    what in karachi madam.what in balochistan ? these are thugs hired by raw? third fata? we hv cleared that area there was no independence campaign launched in any of these areas excuse me ????????????? what was that spy pigeon dram.was it to prove ur sanity?
  13. Yasir 99

    MQM letters to Indian HC sought help over missing workers

    Excuse me.I think u r talking about those "indian muslims " that were brutually murdered in thousands at time of independence by ur RSS.now they are near and dear to your hearts???????
  14. Yasir 99

    Udhampur attacker is resident of Indian Occupied Kashmir

    blame game nthng else .india want to diverd attention of the forign powers about campaign launched by sikhs and many others in assam etc
  15. Yasir 99

    Cowards die many time before their deaths;

    Cowards die many time before their deaths;
  16. Yasir 99

    India should settle Kashmir dispute or attack Pakistan: Ex ISI chief Hameed Gul

    tis issue of kashmir must b resolved orelse it will lead to anotrher war tis time nuclear
  17. Yasir 99

    Altaf Hussain Asking Workers To Get Arms And Physical Training Against Pakistan Army !

    If army wasn't to stop mqm it would have declared war against pakistan with india .by the way who is he taking about pak army sitting in a room with ac on,and our soldiers and officers laying down their lives(refering to sahadat of army capt and soldiers in teerah valley.i thinks it is time for...