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  1. Parthianshot

    whats gonna happen to the Iranian economy after sanctions are lifted?

    Im kind of lazy to search it up, so im wondering if you people can fill me in :D What are the expectations on the Iranian economy once sanctions are lifted, foriegn investments pour in, billions of frozen assets are given to Iran. How much is the unemployment rate going to go down, are wages...
  2. Parthianshot

    Iranian economy to boom if nuke deal opens the country up to foriegn investment

    Give Iran 10 years without the sanctions and it will surpass everyone in the region in terms of living standards, military and economy :D If nuclear deal opens Iran economy, it's going to be a business bonanza - Business Insider Iranian investment banker Ramin Rabii says he shouted in joy...
  3. Parthianshot

    Iranian unemployment fell to 9.5 percent

    Iran's unemployment rate dropped to a single-digit figure this summer, announced the Statistical Center of Iran (SCI) on Friday. According to the latest SCI figures, the number of jobless people dropped to 2.2 million, or 9.5 percent of the working population, between June 22 and September 22...
  4. Parthianshot

    for all the Iranian and Persian nationalists and patriots

    Come join /r/Persiannationalism on reddit. Its a new project we're doing. Persiannationalism: resurrecting the nation
  5. Parthianshot

    who trains Iranian infantry?

    Does russia or china have any history of training Iran's regular infantry, revolutionary guards, special forces, and if they did how long ago did they train em? cause anything before 2000 is primitive compared to modern day training.
  6. Parthianshot

    Irans future soldier program

    Does anyone have more info on this project. Like when its due, whether thats a Fateh assualt rifle or m4 etc..?
  7. Parthianshot

    Iranian infantry squad tactics

    Why dont Iranian troops know how to use sqaud tactics? Even in the video elite troops look really awkward when trying to pull off western style squad tactics. I mean i could even do a better job than these guys in the video . Why doesnt Iran just ask china or russia for training when it comes to...
  8. Parthianshot

    Persians of Zanzibzr

    Intresting documentary. Had no idea there were Persian baradaran in Zanzibar.
  9. Parthianshot

    Iran amongst top 2014 tourist destinations to visit

    TEHRAN - Iran may be atop the list of must-visit countries in 2014, a panel of experts at renowned travel agencies from around the world has predicted. Thirty-five years after it dropped off the tourist map, Iran may be set to return to the top of must-visit lists for 2014, the Financial...
  10. Parthianshot

    Babak Zanjani, Iranian billionaire, arrested

    If you asking me every islamist in that leach regime needs to be executed. PressTV - Iranian billionaire Zanjani arrested : Judiciary Iranian Prosecutor General and Judiciary Spokesman Gholam-Hossein Mohseni-Ejei says Iranian billionaire Babak Zanjani has been arrested on alleged corruption...
  11. Parthianshot

    typical Iranian infantrymen

    What does your typical Iranian infantryman look like equipment wise? Are they as modernized as these troops:
  12. Parthianshot

    Irans economy would be booming without sanctions

    Keep in mind that sanctions were placed on Irans economy due to the actions of the regime, whether I agree with the sanctions or not, which I dont. Even though I dont trust america nor any world power, including russia or china, I still believe that the sanctions are because of the regimes...
  13. Parthianshot

    Why is Iran meddling in the mideast?

    Before you jump at my throat, I know that the saudis and recently the turks also have an expansionist agenda, but in all honesty why is Iran even wasting its time trying to spread its influence in these mideastern countries? Theres literally nothing in it for it. No benefits whatsoever. Iran...
  14. Parthianshot

    New Iranian Persian nationalist organization

    Heres my idea for a political nationalist party: First thing that you need to realize about the Parthianshots organization is that it includes membership, supporters are just not enough. Our final goal is to have millions upon millions of educated and physically fit members who are in...