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  1. coffee_cup

    22 arrested as pro-independence sit-in continues in Azad Kashmir

    I can not help but notice how this toilet paper called "Dawn" has given a twist to an event that has happened in AJK. Reading the headline you would come to a conclusion that people in AJK were arrested because they wanted freedom from Pakistan. I just wonder how long our state has to tolerate...
  2. coffee_cup

    Best ambassador of Hindu Muslim unity- YLH

    There is Hindu-Muslim unity in Pakistan. Both of them are united in their absolute hatred and disgust against the RSS terrorists ruling India. So as long as you keep electing terrorists and mass murderers as your leaders, there is absolutely no chance of peace in this region.
  3. coffee_cup

    Slogans n Rally Against Pakistan by Afghanistan citizens in Peshawar .

    Are the trouble makers ever gonna be sent back to live in their own country? We have enough of our own problems and we know that a lot of these Kabulis are involved in terrorism and drug trafficing, so is it possible to sent them back to do whatever they want to do in their country?
  4. coffee_cup

    Watch how this USA based indian Nazi was schooled by kashmiri Uncle

    I know these Gangus for a very long time. Once outside their country and they need something from you, they will lick your ***** and tell you how much they love their minorities and how religion has no importance blah blah blah... But then once back home, watch their Facebook, Twitter etc. or...
  5. coffee_cup

    7 Questions to Pakistani Members : Article 370

    Guys, please no need to engage in discussions with this Gangu. Just report him to the mods. Zero tolerance for Indian propaganda on PDF. War times!
  6. coffee_cup

    7 Questions to Pakistani Members : Article 370

    @waz @Oscar @Irfan Baloch @Slav Defence We are at state of war with Bhartis so I fail to understand why this gangu is unbanned to spread his shyt here? No tolerance for these terrorist Gangus on PDF please, they deserve none! No freedom of speech for these, millions of Kashmiris are living in...
  7. coffee_cup

    My crime is to stand against injustice; Maryam Nawaz written reply to NAB

    OK fine. Now answer this question: You have no known sources of income, so how did you become a multi-billionaire? How do you own so many factories and real estate properties around the world? The burden of proof is on you, please bring the evidence of your income. If you do not provide the...
  8. coffee_cup

    ALL Xinjiang related issues e.g. uyghur people, development, videos etc, In here please.

    @waz @Oscar @Slav Defence @Irfan Baloch Another gangu applying diversion tactics and spreading Gangadeshi porpaganda on PDF...
  9. coffee_cup

    Why are the vast majority of Pakistani political talk show anchors liberal/left leaning?

    Wrong question. The right question should be: Why are most of Pakistani political talk show anchors are "vultures" and "opportunists" with no moral values at all. They have nothing to do with liberalism.
  10. coffee_cup

    What is Iran's response on the recent events in Kashmir?

    @waz, @Oscar @The Eagle, @Horus bro, talking about those low life Ganggus not to be allowed to spread their shyt on PDF, why the top hater from Gangadesh is still allowed on PDF? Doesnt it kind of kill the spirit ? This person despises Pakistan in general and Muslims in particular and always...
  11. coffee_cup

    Far-right AfD ahead in east Germany as regional votes loom

    Actually Germany supports only its national interest and good business. Good relations with Russia mean good business and less burden for exchequer, which country in the world would not want that? Having said that, the business interests that Germany has with US are far greater than those of...
  12. coffee_cup

    Sushma Swaraj dies of heart attack

    Well there are enemies and then there are Hitler like people who are curse to humanity. These Hindu Extremists, TTP, LTTE, Al Qaeda etc belong to that breed. Respect for normal enemy, but no respect for terrorists. And I'll not mourn people like Ajiv Dhoval etc who are responsible for 100s of...
  13. coffee_cup

    Far-right AfD ahead in east Germany as regional votes loom

    There were 100s of thousands of Russians (the so called "Spätaussiedler") who migrated in 90s to Russia on those "ancestor" claims. That most of them were imposters, is another topic (have met a whole bunch of those). Now tell me, if most of Russians vote for AfD, why is that they hate those...
  14. coffee_cup

    Sushma Swaraj dies of heart attack

    If only she had learned that happiness at the misery of oppressed people will always be short lived and had spent her life for the peace instead. But this is too far fetched expectation from hard core hindu extremists. A lesson in it for all Sanghis, hatred can take you only so far.. What if...
  15. coffee_cup

    Far-right AfD ahead in east Germany as regional votes loom

    Well, then you want to correct your information. There are many Russian Germans who are pro Russian, but mostly in the "Die Linke". Many Russian origin extremists might have joined AfD, no doubt, but they are a league of their own. They are trouble makers even in their own backyard - Russia...
  16. coffee_cup

    Maryam Safdar criticizes PM Imran Khan on Article 370

    Yes of course dont ask these thieves and looters where they got their 100s of billions from. Just ignore this "trivial thing" which has sucked our nation dry of great funds that we could have utilized for our development and defence equipment. These thieves deserve a public hanging!!!
  17. coffee_cup

    Traitors in the midst

    This Vulture wants some kind of war between the two countries so that our attention is diverted and he and his "owners" get off the hook for corruption. And there are dozens of such vultures ready to appear in a very short time...
  18. coffee_cup

    ‘Taking Back Azad Kashmir Land Next On Agenda, Article 370 Died The Day Pandits Were Driven Out’: Subramanian

    Please dont insult the word "liberal" by labeling them such. The right title would be "Vultures". All those opportunist vultures in Pakistan, those Safma and co have absolutely nothing to do with "liberalism".
  19. coffee_cup

    ‘Taking Back Azad Kashmir Land Next On Agenda, Article 370 Died The Day Pandits Were Driven Out’: Subramanian

    Bro, one thing that we Paks have (and Gangus completely lack) is "no fear of dying". So if a war is imposed on us, we'll fight till the very end IA. Indeed we were the target from day one. In fact they had made calculations for 2012 to be the end of this God gifted country, but Allah is the...
  20. coffee_cup

    Far-right AfD ahead in east Germany as regional votes loom

    Do you support them @vostok ? They are very anti Russian. Just in case...